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The 5 Best 10.8kw Electric Shower

Do you know the most impressive electric shower to buy that can bring maximum comfort into your bathroom?

You will agree with me that the electric shower with 10.8KW is the most powerful and cost-effective product on the market.

These showers will provide a luxury of showering experience with consistent and greater water flow at your selected temperature.

In this below review, you will definitely find the best 10.8kw electric shower that will soothe your pains and erase your agonies.

10.8KW Electric Showers reviews: 5 Top-Rated Models 

The products review below are 5 top-rated 10.8KW Electric Showers on the market in 2020

Mira 1.1746.008 Sport Max 10.8 kW Electric Shower

This Mira Sport Max 10.5kw is a top-performing electric shower that is made from high-quality materials. 

The Mira Sport 1.1746.008 features Air-boost technology for flow increment by up to 30% without consuming more water. 

The included advanced pressure upholds the temperature controls for consistency of the selected showering temperature. 

Mira Sport is equipped with exclusive Sensi-flo technology that helps prevent heating when the hose or showerhead is blocked. 

It can clear limescale build-up by 50% to prolong the product’s lifespan and enhance its performance. 

This shower also has a large 110mm 4 spray shower head with a scrub-clean jet for limescale’s comfortable removal. This product is available in white/chrome color so you can pick any color of your choice.

Mira 1.1746.004 Sport 10.8 kW Electric Shower Available in White/Chrome

This Mira 1.1746.004 Sport 10.5kw is manufactured from high standard and top-quality materials for your optimum enjoyment. 

It passed through strict and stringent test procedures before leaving the production center to confirm its quality. 

 Mira 1.1746.004 Sport 10.8 kW draws cold water from the water supply and warms it by sending the water over to the shower’s heating components. 

It is made with Mira Clearscale technology to maximize limescale reduction by up to 50% to enhance shower performance. 

The Mira 1.1746.004 Sport has Sensi and Opti-flo technology that helps prevent heating and optimizes the flow throughout the year.

Mira 10.8kW 1.1941.002 Elite SE Pumped Electric Shower

The Mira 1.1941.002 Elite is designed for silent showering. These showers take water from the main supply and heat it in the heating elements. 

This unit is an ideal shower and perfect option for a low-pressure water supply. Kudos to the featured Mira Clearscale technology ensures that the shower lasts for long by consistently clearing all limescale build-up therein. 

It comes with flexible fittings and easy adjustment for straightforward and hassle-free installation. 

This shower also has a large 110mm 4 spray shower head with a scrub-clean jet for limescale’s comfortable removal. 

The manufacturer placed a 2-year warranty on this item so you can use it with an absolute peace of mind.

Mira 10.8 kW 1.1788.514 Vie 10.8 kW Electric Shower, Chrome

Mira Vie 1.1788.514 is an innovative and affordable shower designed to blend easily with your bathroom, improve the design, and enhance your showering experience. 

Mira Vie takes water from the main supply and sends it over to the built-in heating elements to provide you with your desired shower temperature. 

This unit comes with a patented Mira Clearscale technology for getting rid of limescale build-up. 

Mira Vie 10.KW is manufactured from high-grade and top-quality materials to offer exceptional service in your bathroom. 

It comes with flexible fittings and easy adjustments that help in covering the current screw holes for an outstanding finish.

Mira 1.1895.006 10.8 kW Showers Meta Electric Shower – White/Chrome 

The Mira Meta 1.1895.006 is uniquely designed to blend effortlessly with any bathroom regardless of the design. 

This Mira Meta is affordable, durable, and efficient. The featured revolutionary Mira Clearscale technology prolongs the longevity of the shower with high-quality performance. 

It reduces the limescale build-up by 50 percent. This item draws the water from the main supply pass it over to the built-in heating elements to warm the water and give you the shower temperature you desire. 

This model underwent strict and stringent testing procedures before leaving the production center to be sure of its quality.


Electric showers are very reliable when it comes to providing constant hot water and maintaining uniform pressure. However, there are myriads of products on the market that are significant disappointments that you should avoid. To get a suitable electric shower for your bathroom, we have put together a list of the best 10.8KW electric shower and give you detailed buying instructions if you don’t know how to go about picking one.

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