Picasso Hacked a Lack

I’m sure of it. If not, then I don’t know what his problem was. I whipped up a little art table in no time with a spare Ikea Lack table I had in storage. I did it because Freckles Chick made it look so darn easy. Her husband added some fun things like a dowel rod for the paper roll and trim pieces to hold the paper down. FC added cups to the side for crayons and markers and washi tape to the trim for shits and giggles. So I did the same. All of it. Go look at hers for the girly cute edition with matching chairs and adorable chair cushions. Look at mine for utilitarian art purposes. Sorry Gabe, no cushions for your tushions. Also look at hers for a kid with an actual outfit on, not their Christmas pajamas.

You can see that the Latt table, which FC used, works better since it’s a longer, narrower table and the Lack is a square. And the tiny rolls of paper available at Michaels doesn’t quite fill it up. Somehow we don’t care though. A toddler only needs washable art tools anyway because face it, within 5 minutes, all of those markers and crayons were strewn across the living room floor because Gabe needed to build with them. Oy.

The paper roll is hanging by the dowel rod underneath the right side there. And FC was totes right about using the trim on the left side as a straight edge to rip the paper off. That was handy.

ShaI saw FC’s post the other day and I finished this table up about a half hour ago. I’ve never put a stolen idea into action that quick. So thanks buddy!
 Little pails are from Target’s Dollar Spot, paper from Michaels, trim and dowel rod from Lowes. Dirty kitchen floors are always like that. I think that covers it.