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Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review

This Eljer Titan toilet is smooth, curved and has an elongated bowl. If you opt for this product, you will get a white and fully-glazed toilet bowl. The bowl’s height is 16-1/8 inches. Everyone, including people with disabilities, can use this toilet bowl conveniently. 

Also, it is water-efficient since it uses just 1.6 gallons per flush. The flush is powerful enough to expel the waste in the bowl. It’s highly durable and comes in elegant, white color. When it comes to cleaning it, you will appreciate how easy it is to clean your toilet. 

It is resistant to stain, bacteria and microbe buildup. Read on to find more information about this product. 

This toilet uses high-quality Vitreous china material in its build and construction. With such a material, Eljer Titan toilets are durable and will serve you for years to come. The bowl shape is elongated, which makes using the toilet very convenient. 

The toilet rim height is 16-1/8 inches, which makes Eljer Titan an ADA-compliant toilet with toilet seat installed. Also, the toilet comes in a contemporary white color with a fully-glazed finish. With its elegant look, this toilet will transform your washroom to the level of a contemporary one. 

Also, this toilet has an extended footprint. This design encourages the remodeling of your bathroom. The toilet has a side-mounted lever for flushing out the waste in the bowl. It is thus an easy-to-use toilet. 

The flushing system

First, this toilet uses just 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF). It is a water-efficient toilet that you should have if you want to reduce your water bill. Despite using less water to flush, this toilet excellently clears waste from its bowl, thanks to the ProOne™ flushing system.

This flushing system comprises a 3-inch, category 7 flush valve. This valve provides high-velocity flush water in a dual water-jet feed design to the bowl. As a result, the toilet efficiently clears waste from the bowl using less water. 

Besides, the flush valve has a chlorine-resistant flapper. This adds durability to your toilet. The flushing system is 100% factory tested. If you opt for this product, you will get a functional flushing system. 

Cleaning the toilet

This toilet comes in a fully-glazed finish. As a result, it resists stains, bacteria and microbe buildup and is easy to clean. The 2-1/8-inch trap way also has a fully-glazed design. And this makes cleaning it easier. With just a simple scrub, you will remove any stain or dirt on the toilet. 

The dual water-jet feed also powerfully cleans the toilet when rinsing it after a scrub. Your toilet will maintain its exquisite look for years if you regularly clean it. Cleaning it takes a short time and less effort.

Toilet water consumption

This toilet has a low consumption of 1.6 GPF or 6LPF — liters per flush. The ProOne™ Flushing System is a one-time but powerful flush. With its dual water-jet feed, it excellently expels the waste from the bowl despite using less water. 

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Ease of installation

Installing this toilet is not much of a chore since it weighs 52 pounds. Also, it has 16-1/8-inch Rough-in, which simplifies the installation process. If you throw the toilet’s extended footprint design into the mix, you get a firmer installation. 


  • Vitreous china material is durable.
  • The fully-glazed finish makes cleaning the toilet easy.
  • The ProOne™ flushing system is water-efficient and powerful.
  • The flush valve is chlorine-resistant.
  • The toilet is ADA-compliant.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It comes with an elongated toilet seat


  • This product only includes the toilet bowl.
  • The 52 pound-weight might be too heavy to move during installation.
  • You might have trouble connecting the bowl to the tank.

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