Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bottle Pop Party Picks: Camp Bach!

I wanted to intro a new little series we're going to be doing called Bottle Pop Party Picks.  It's basically a themed party inspiration board but with all tangible product to purchase, as opposed to random pictures. Remember my Get Party Prepped package? Well this is basically a mini version. And you know…for free. So here's the first one…a girly camping bachelorette party, hereto referred to as Camp Bach!

Even though the color palette may be super girly and you may be tempted to call this glamping, I still recommend the basics. 

1) Like adorable matches 
2) And a flowered tent to hide from bears in 
3) S'mores are mandatory obviously 
4) Woodgrain flasks for water or whiskey 
5) You prissy b's can't be expected to sit on the ground, right? Use fancy stools
6) And in case you can't find any sticks, use these roasters (p.s. where are you camping where there are no sticks???) 
7) Who's bringing the Stacked sealed individual wines? Because they're ADORABLE
8) Bring enough cozy blankets for the whole class ok?
9) What's for dinner? Hot dogs and beans? Eat them out of the prettiest thermos ever!
10) Do not, under any circumstances, forget to decorate the campsite. Use garland whenever possible.
11) Staying alive is the goal. Right behind having the best time ever.
12) Coolest sleeping bag ever.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I don't even like to camp and I want to host this party. So cute. Love all the picks and I'm excited to see more of this series.

Sarah K. said...

hahaha. garland. you're a mess ;-)

Christen said...

Ha ha to Kim's comment! I'm not much of a camper either, but could definitely get on board with this party! I love that you are posting these mini party packages!!


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