Friday, December 6, 2013

Wrap It Up! I'll Take It!

Without a doubt, the oodles of gift wrap, ribbons & bows and cute tags out there are one of our favorite parts of Christmas. Both Kristen and I have professed our obsessions with paper products so we've rounded up some fun pairings to get you in the mood to wrap. Last year, I even made John and I cocktails and had a night of teaching him to accessorize the presents he wrapped. I always make everyone else's look good, why shouldn't I get some creativity in return? Ha!



claire @ a peachtree city life said...

wrapping is definitely the best part of gift giving. i always kick myself when it takes forever, but i still think it's worth it.

also - um, i thought that first trim was made to look like bacon, which was very appropriate for the foodie based gift... i see it's not... but wish it was ;)

Jaclyn said...

Um. YES! This is fantastic... and I concur w/ claire ^ -- totally thought that trim was bacon inspired at first!


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