Monday, December 16, 2013

Terrain Inspired: Indoor Snowball FIght

You all know my obsession with Terrain, as well as my tendency to parade guests through the store, showing it off like it was my own store. One of the best parts of Terrain though is the endless inspiration it provides for crafty little minxes like you and me. So I picked some of my favorite Terrain holiday gifts and decor and will be sharing a little how-to on each, all week long!

I thought Terrain's Indoor Snowball Fight, featuring white felt balls tucked inside of a burlap bag, was a cute idea for a stocking stuffer. Since Gabe is at the prime age for learning (and loving) how to make snowballs and start snowball fights, I knew it was a gift that would definitely get some use around here.

Instead of felt balls however, I picked up a package of ping pong balls at Target. I figured they're still small and lightweight enough not cause any black eyes should my kid have an arm on him. 
I stamped a leftover brown bag and filled it up with balls and called it done. A cute little DIY for under 3 bucks!


LizzieBeth said...

This is a great idea! My chiropractor used to have something like this at the reception desk, and Hunter went ape shit for them. Perhaps I shall create a couple for the monster.

Poor Winston is about to be terrorized.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is adorable! Henry would love this, too! What is it with balls and little boys? (Let's just pretend that doesn't sound dirty.)


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