Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Slow Season

While it might not seem like a slow season to many, with all of the holiday hubbub around, in the events industry, this is when we actually get to slow down and take a breath. And while both of my feet are not always entrenched in event planning, it's nice to have my weekends back for a bit. It's really nice to be able to clean my house and actually keep it clean for a few days instead of event projects exploding into every room. All of the tasks that we put off when we're in party-mode…well they need to get done some time.

Of course, there's all sorts of work to be done right now too. Administrative work, tax prep, inventory cleaning & organizing, editorial shoots…and now that I'm charging head first into the wedding world, it's engagement season. I need to think about advertising and collaborations and branding (always the branding!). But even with all of that going on, my head is less cluttered this time of year and I'm sitting back and enjoying the crap out of it.

Last week, I volunteered to go along as chaperone for Gabe's first preschool field trip to the Please Touch Museum, a phenomenal kid's museum in Philadelphia. I got to see him hanging with his little buddies but didn't have to chase around after the kids because they have their high school partners to do that for us! 

We also went to a birthday party for a fellow party girl, Tara from One Stylish Party. Her son Eli turned two and since he's obsessed with the choo choos, the party was aboard the Wilmington Western Railroad. We got to take a great train ride and even had an appearance with Santa. I thought this was an incredible party locale mostly because this is an activity that most people would love to do with their kids anyway in December and by having the party there, you're combining your family time with your friend time. Efficiency at its best!

I'm not big on tons of outside Christmas decor, although I am big on other people having tons of Christmas decor. I do like a little something to show that I'm festive though so I went wandering around my yard this weekend and lucked out with our evergreen & holly trees. I clipped some branches, tied them together and used them as window swag. They're not perfect but they were free. Which makes them perfect.

We got snow! Snow on a Sunday meant that Gabe got to enjoy lots of Daddy/Buddy sledding and whatnot. Meanwhile, I stayed inside and made a pie and re-arranged my gallery wall. Since the snow carried through til Monday, I bundled up and took Gabe out to build a snowman and have a snowball fight with the garage. Two perfectly round, red cheeks and 10 freezing cold fingers later, I drug him inside against his will to get warmed up. 

If the Christmas season ended tomorrow, I'd be happy with our progress.

p.s. Two things I relieved myself of that are helping with my laid back attitude? A daily activity Advent calendar and the Elf on a Shelf. No thanks. Not this year.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

The choo choo party is too cool. What a fun venue.

I also love your window swag. It looks so cheery and fetive. I just filled my fence planters with greenery yesterday. It's not designer, but it will do. ;) And I love free.

Emily @ imperfect said...

So smart to take things off your plate at Christmas. Glad you're getting to enjoy a little bit of a lull!


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