Monday, February 18, 2013

Two and a Half

I have seriously slacked on the Gabe monthly updates lately. I've actually been having lots of conflicting thoughts on how much to share about Gabe on these world wide internets. There's been a lot of hoopla on the internet lately about bloggers' children and the privacy that they are entitled to but might not necessarily get. It concerns me. I don't ever want Gabe to look back and be embarrassed about this blog and what I write about him. But when I sit back and read his updates from the past, it fills me with so much freaking joy that I kept a record of it. I would never EVER be able to remember all of the things this blog has kept track of. SO, all that to say that I still haven't come to terms with how much is too much. But these updates, I can do and be happy I did.

So yeah. My boy is two and a half. Can you believe it?

Dear Gabe,

Oh man, I think you're the best. You're sometimes a very serious little boy. You give us these looks, where your head is lowered but you look up with little furrowed eyebrows, very thoughtful-like. But then, out of your mouth, comes something like "treat bar?" and you break into a little smile. As if you thought long and hard about it and you determined that yes, it's a treat bar you'd like. It's random little interactions like this that make up our life these days. It's days full of discovery and identifying and repeating and reinforcing. And your imagination is taking off, which is my most favorite. Your mama spent a lot of time as a kid playing pretend so seeing you talking to your toys is so fun for me. 

You made the switch from the crib into your big boy bed with no problem. But with that switch, came a change in your bedtime routine. No longer content to sit and listen to Daddy's stories, you now want to drag every blanket (at least 4) from your bed and all of your pillows (at least 3) plus stuffed friends to the floor for story time. It took Daddy some getting used to, not having you curled up on his lap every night but he loves that time with you so much that you get away with a lot of shenanigans up there before bed. I may whisper sucker! to him when he comes back downstairs after a marathon bedtime routine. He knows it.

One of my favorite qualities of yours right now (and dude, I know it could change at any time) is your gentle demeanor. When your around other kids, there's no tantrums or hissy fits or stealing toys or general nastiness like I see in a lot of kids. You're usually sweet and generous and polite. Man, you've got some awesome manners. You're quick with a please and thank you, although you've learned the whiny "pleeeeeeeeeease" when asking for something you know you're not likely to get. On the flip side, you've picked up the phrase "Stop it!", which we've traced to the 8 year old girls down the street. It's not cute and I'm trying my best to curb it. Again, I know it's gonna get worse than Stop it at some point and I'll look back at this and laugh. F bombs anyone?

You're way into puzzles these days and still holding onto your love for cars, trucks and construction equipment. You're obsessed with the movie Wall-E and constantly request "Robots". Always with the robots. You've also gotten into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and are always calling for Toodles but when he doesn't appear, you tell us that Toodles doesn't hear us and must be with Mickey.

As your daddy always reminds me (mostly when you're being a stubborn little stinker), you are my little mini-me. We easily frustrate each other but there's no one I'd rather spend my days with. You are my little buddy and always will be.



Mrs. Adventure said...

It seriously feels like yesterday that I was clicking and reading 'bump' updates. It's no longer FB making me feel old… its now Blogger :o).

Little man is adorable - I love the updates.

MrsKinne said...

He is so very cute! :)

I actually think about blogging again sometimes, but I feel like I would struggle with how much of the kiddo to share, too. However, I'm glad you're willing to share Gabe's cuteness with us. :)

karen said...

That hat? The tie? Rolled cuffs? Shut up. I am dying of the cute.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

He's too much. Too much cute. Seriously.

I struggle with what to share about Henry, too. But he's just such a huge part of our lives and I hate to forget some of these awesome things.

And, also, of course Gabe has nice manners. Of course he's sweet and generous and polite. You are his momma, after all.


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