Friday, February 22, 2013

Parties Are My Fave

I'm finally back with pictures of my Favorite Things Party, which of course, if you're a good friend, you've already experienced first hand or saw on Bottle Pop's Facebook page (Go Like Me!). So for that, I'm sorry for the repetition. But let's get to the prettiness. Like I mentioned before, I was off and running with a black, white and green theme which was born from that roll of polka dot wrapping paper I scored at HomeGoods. From there, I just wandered aimlessly around my house, grabbing anything that would look cute on the table. Here is the result:

I sort of went with a wintery, rustic yet modern pop theme. That's a thing, right?

Btw, those fringe garlands are made out of plastic tablecloths and are my new jam. You'll probably be seeing them everywhere on account of their cheapy cuteness.

Who mixes champagne glasses, paper napkins and plastic utensils on the same table? This girl. I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

Adrienne's famous Oreo balls in the house! Or more specifically, in my stomach!

Who let the chimp on the table?

One last angle, I swear!

Can you believe my friends all complied with my insane request to wrap their gifts in color coordinating wrap? They really are my fave.

Oh and what did we get?

Everybody but me went with an unintentional health and beauty theme. I went with glittery black labels and dipped pencils. They're my fave.

We all sat around, caught up on life, ate our favorite apps and desserts and then opened little presents. It was honestly a ton of fun. We all loved each other's favorite things because most were things we normally wouldn't buy for ourselves. We also decided that this needed to be a quarterly occurrence. Who doesn't love getting little things every so often? And who doesn't love planning color coordinated parties for their friends? Thats right, no one.


Katie said...

Great Pee Wee reference. Also, send me pics of me and my babe. I never take pics of us together. haha

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the wood log with candles. I'm going to show the husband tonight and see if he'll make one.

Meg said...

I love this party! The idea is so fun and a perfect excuse for a girl day (and a good day drunk if no kids are involved, natch) and your styling? To die for. I made the table cover fringe for my sister's baby shower and it was SO easy and SO cheap, it's definitely a keeper idea!

LizzieBeth said...

Ugh, I love this idea. I wish my friends weren't so cheap.

Love the theme. And black and white cookies. And champagne. I believe our next family date should be John and JEGs tending to the monsters while we stuff our faces with champagne and cookies.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is such an amazing idea. Your decor is fabulous, as Always. I adore the Kelly green with black and white. So chic. And the fact that your friends color coded the gifts - I love it. They are keepers.

I've never seen the tablecloth garland before. Very cool.

Emily said...

I've always wanted to do a favorite things I really want to. love the color scheme!

karen said...

I love that idea and I so want to start that tradition. Go you.

And of course, the theme/colors turned out beautifully, AS USUAL.

*claire* said...

this is so fun! i'm glad you all got to do this. and great decor - the glittery gold is perfect with the emerald. i also love the extensive use of cloches. you are a party planning genius!


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