Thursday, February 14, 2013


Gabe does the cutest thing. Sometimes, he'll sit on John's lap during story time and when I go in to give hugs and kisses night night, he'll be extra cuddly. He'll put one tiny hand on my cheek then reach over the other hand and put it on John's cheek and pull us both towards him. Then he says "match!". 

Like seriously? How freakin cute is that? John and I then shoot each other the look that means, omg our kid is the cutest thing ever! You're dying inside too, right? 

But Gabe is on to something. We are a match. Me and my handsome feller. No need to go on and on about why we are a match. But I feel like if you know us, you know why. He is literally my better half. My more patient half. My calmer, less irritable half. Everything I lack, he makes up for. He's the best. 

How's that for some mushy Valentine's action?


Mrs. Adventure said...

I love it. I also love that he's holding a beer, totally something mine would have done. Although there might have been some of actual sips. XO.

karen said...


Totes presh.

Happy VD, y'all.

Meghan said...

He says "match"? Seriously? I can't even handle that.

Isrut said...

how sweet!

Meg said...

Seriously? Cutest thing eva.


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