Friday, January 11, 2013

That Time We Went to Sesame Place

Well, it was right before Christmas. My friend Bryn had told me about a Groupon for Sesame Place's Very Furry Christmas. Basically they open the place up in the winter with much cheaper admission because half the park is a waterpark. Throw in a Groupon and it was almost stupid not to go. Sesame Place is about an hour from us and while we've wanted to take Gabe before, they're prices are ridic. I don't mind paying a big ticket fee for kids but for adults who don't do anything but stand around? F that. So we found a reasonably warm December day and headed on up.

We got there when it opened, right in the middle of nap time of course, and spent a few minutes checking out Cookie Monster and Zoe, who were the first characters we saw wandering the park. Gabe was fascinated by them. No interest in saying hi but still fascinated.

Luckily Bryn had been there before so she knew Elmo's secret hiding spot in the way back. We made our way there and found both Elmo and Big Bird. Very affectionate monsters. But you know who wanted nothing to do with them up close.

We found some things much more Gabe's speed. Like a giant bouncy floor. Unfortch, they give the kids like 4 minutes each on it then tell them they have to get off. Kinda sucks. This is why Gabe is the only one on there. We had to go in and get him. Kid loves a bouncy floor. He was none too happy about having to leave.

We hoped an actual ride would make him smile so we hopped on the teacups. He was confused at first.

then once we started spinning, he got into it! And I got nauseous. How do kids handle it without puking all the time??

hi Bryn!

Then John took Gabe up in the Big Bird balloon ride. I sat on a bench and listening to a piped in Big Bird narrate the whole thing, at least 6 times. It was riveting!

After some very expensive, albeit meh lunch, we headed down to the parade route. We were at the very end so maybe we missed stuff? I dunno, it seemed pretty lame. But then again, I'm not their target audience am I?

Gabe's face here cracks me up.

After the parade we headed over to the clamshell for a show. It was a lot of waiting around then some monsters singing Christmas songs. Mostly "Murray" Christmas. Get it? Murray? The monster? Oy.

Gabe loved every second of it, spent most of it dancing in the aisles until he refused to behave and he got banished to mama's lap with a deathgrip. He still liked it then too.

So yeah, it got dark. And effing freezing. So we admired the billion lights around the park and made our way out of there.

So while the lack of nap probably didn't help anyone's mood, we actually did have fun. Of course, he'll never remember we went and I'm sure at some point, we'll go back again (God help me if I pay full price) but I'm just happy we crossed it off the list. Although at some point during his little tantrum, I just wanted to yell at him "Hey! Knock it off! We're here for you, ya know! This doesn't interest us! We're being awesome parents here! Appreciate it!" But no, toddlers and logic just don't go together. 


Kate said...

I love Big Bird waving his Gay Pride Flag. (I knew it!) Gabe's adorns as usual.

LizzieBeth said...

When I was a kid, Sesame Place was the shit. I still remember that bouncy thing. Isn't is called Ernie's Bed Bounce, or something?

My SIL gets the season pass every year. One day, we'll sneak in on her dime.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm with Gabe. Four minutes on the bounce floor? That's bull(insert expletive here). I'm totally impressed by how awesome of parents you are. Because I'm just not ready for this type of stuff yet. I'm sure it'll come. Even the lame parade. Which I loe that you called lame.

Meganithappen said...

Gabe's face in that picture is killin' me! LOVE. tee hee.


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