Friday, January 4, 2013

From Tiny to Small British Gentleman

The big boy room. You knew it was coming. John knew it was coming. Neither of you can blame this on me. There are necessary changes that need to be made to Gabe's room and for once, it's not just because I'm on a decorating whim. (Ok, maybe I am a little bit, whatev). Remember my decorating plans?

Anyway, the catalyst for the change was the introduction of the big boy bed. We had found it used for $15 and it is an adorable red metal toddler bed. So with that, we needed some new bed linens because face it, little minky baby blankets aren't cutting it anymore. So about a week ago, we asked Gabe if he was interested in sleeping in it and he was all gung ho. He had never tried to escape from the crib but it felt like the right time. Plus, with John off work for the week, it would be a good time to lose sleep if someone felt like raising hell in the middle of the night, know what I'm saying?

In addition to the big boy bed, we also picked up a new rug for his room. If you want to check out the one we had in there, it was way too small and was merely a filler. We found this awesome shag rug from Target on sale then adding in a big coupon and our 5% debit card, we bit the bullet and got a 9' x 13' rug for less than $150. It's soft and plush and makes the room instantly cozy.

Then came Christmas. John's parents generously offered to buy some new furniture for Gabe's big boy room so we took them up on it. As much as I'd love to go buy some real deal, heavy wood furniture to last so long Gabe can take it to Notre Dame (holla T-Mac!), we know my tastes change with the wind. So even though there's no reviews of this stuff online, I ordered it anyway. It's on it's way. Pray I don't hate it.

Here's the plan...don't adjust your glasses, the pic is blurry. You get the idea.

You'll also notice I changed out the curtains. The cheap navy blue curtains we currently have just aren't cutting it. They're just too thin and crappily made. Get what you pay for, eh? I found these heavy, lined gray velveteen curtains at Lowe's of all places so I'm waiting to see if they are too much gray for the room. Although, I'm not sure that's technically possible. 

I'm excited for it all to come together and the fact that it will be happening soon? Yay! Oh and here's a little glimpse of the big boy bed. It's presh.

And guys? This was my first blog post on my new Mac! And I didn't cry! 


Katie said...

I love that little bed. I need to find Nora one. We are debating between getting her a toddler bed or just putting up guard rails on a regular bed. Not as cute but it sure would save me a lot of grief.

Sarah K. said...

NICE! We're in the same boat as Dewee- might just get a twin and a guard rail and push it up against our monster bed and slap RoyBoy in the crib. Babydolls!

*claire* said...

i want that lamp!!

all of it is very cute. i can't wait to see it come together! you def needed to redo it - gabe deserves it :))

LizzieBeth said...

I LOOOVE it! Very Gabe! I can't wait to see it come together.

sooo... does this mean that old red rug is up for grabs? I might know a certian Norristownian who would be interested in revamping her monster's bedroom. She pays in cold hard cash.


Jamie said...

Oh - it is going to be amazing!

Emily said...

I'm so freaking excited about this, the bed just sounds perfect. Is it a toddler bed as in uses the crib mattress, or a twin? I want you to come decorate my house.


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