Monday, January 28, 2013

February's Menu Plan

I'm back after another two month hiatus of posting menu plans, during which time, we won some weeks, we failed miserably the others. The siren song of Panera, a two minute drive from our house, is so strong. SO strong. And it doesn't help that of the 6 things on my toddler's self-appointed diet, Panera's mac and cheese is one of them.  But I vow to do better next month...join me?

1. Baby Chimichangas and Mexican Street Corn
17. Homemade Alphabet Soup & Grilled Cheese
28. Chicken Spiedi Sandwiches

I also wanted to tell you about another tool that makes meal planning easier, Ziplist. It's a sweet little tool that clips your recipes from around the web, loads them into a recipe box, adds them to a meal plan and makes a grocery list. It's sort of amazing. I'm still making my way around the website but I think I'm gonna like it and you probably will too!

Oh and word up, I added some things to my Closet Sale, check it out here!


Mary said...

I have to tell you, chicken speidies are an upstate NY thang (Binghamton to be exact) and the fact that that chick had the balls to say that you shouldn't skewer them and put them on the grill is sacriligious because any other way is NOT a speidie. However, I will bring you some authentic spedie sauce whenever this Always Crafty thing happens because if you're gonna do it, you need to do it big. (And I have no idea why the sauce on that chicken looks creamy because it shouldn't be but there is only so much rage over an inaccurate recipe that a girl can throw down, ya know?). It still sounds good though.

*claire* said...

i'm always super-impressed by your meal planning. i always send your list to my personal chef, meaning tony, to see if he can get some ideas. we tend to eat some of the same things each week, which gets quite boring.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love your menu posts every month. While I'm not as adventurous as you with cooking and ingredients, I always end up stealing a few recipes. This month it's the sausage crock pot dish and the crispy chicken wraps. Yumm


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