Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tell Me More About the Presents...

It's so weird, realizing that this child living in your house really has NO idea what the magic of Christmas is all about.  So yeah, you have to look at every little thing as a two year old. Christmas trees and lights are wonderful and shiny. Presents are wonderful, if not frustratingly taped little bastards. Santa is wonderful, mostly because he looks like Grandpa. Everything else? We're getting excited as we go. 

We're relying on Gigi to relay all of the Jesus is the Reason for the Season business.

We hit up the mall last week to see Santa for the third time in Gabe's little life. Since Gabe is a sassy little toddler who makes his opinions known, we figured we'd walk past Santa, say hey and if Gabe was into it, maybe go get a pic? So that's what we did. The place was empty so they were happy to let Gabe wander around Santa's workshop, checking out the tree and the presents. We asked him if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap. He replied " No Santa's lap". Well okay then. Santa offered to read him a story and if anyone's a sucker for a story, it's Gabe. Thus, our 2012 Santa picture.


Mollie D said...

I'm thinking next year they'll be into Santa. Charlie's into presents, but doesn't really get the 'santa' thing yet. I think this was the last year I could shop for him while he was in the cart too...I'll miss these days

(come see my dapper baby post, I thought of you when I did it)

Gabe is adorbs as usual

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I just wanna squeeze the Gabester. He's getting to be such a little man, isn't he? Love the Santa story and that he could actually spend some time wandering. We were lucky that my work does a family holiday party with Santa. There are no lines and no pressure to move quickly. Each kid even gets an age-appropriate gift. I really meant to blog about that, actually.

We loved your Christmas card, by the way. And I'm wishing I'd have thought to add a message to stickers. I got some stickers from Printstagram to put on the envelopes, but I like Gabe's better. ;)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Love this. I think it's a right of passage for kids to have that ONE screaming unhappy picture with Santa, but this approach gave such a better picture and a memory you will forever have now! So nice of Santa to read him a story in his down time!


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