Friday, December 7, 2012

Pinterest FTW: Engineer Prints

You know those giant black and white engineer prints you see all over Pinterest? Well they really are worth the hype. I've done it twice now and have been happy both times. My most recent print was a 24" x 36" print of Gabe...obviously. This is actually the medium size that my Staples offers and it is $3 and change. There is a bigger version but that's like 7 bucks, so this one is plenty big for me. 

Their website isn't the most user friendly one out there but once you log in and upload your file, make sure you pick the size and paper weight you want and make sure to check the box to fit the print to the size of the paper. The cheapest weight was pretty nice. Then when you go to pick it up, it comes rolled. But don't worry, when you unroll it, it wants to lay flat. It doesn't try to roll back up, isn't that nice?

I picked up a 24" x 36" blank canvas at Michaels with a 50% coup and it was like $7.50. Now there are much more involved ways of attaching your picture to your canvas but dude, I'm lazy and impatient. So I dug up some heavy duty double sided tape and did it that way. It was then I realized that there was a small border on my picture and also that it didn't print perfectly straight. At that point, two sides were already stuck down so I was like eh, whatever. It works.

So like everything else in my house, it's not the most professional looking thing but I don't think anyone is noticing. It's a big impact for like 10 bucks. And by going the double-sided tape route, I can probably change my picture out if I get bored or it gets gnarly and spend only another 3 bucks.

I had also used the engineer prints for a favor I did for my friend Sarah. She is a college field hockey coach and she wanted to do something spesh for her graduating senior's last game. So I took all of their pics and blew them up, put a cute fringe tissue border on it and we hung them alongside the field. Presh. And spesh.

So dudes, if you were on the fence, do it, it's super easy and cheap and you'll look fancy.


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LizzieBeth said...

I've been debating on whether or not to take down my craptastic collage over my couch and have one big print. You've pretty much sealed the deal. Now if I can get the monster to do adorable Gabe-like faces, I'm in business.

..and now I'm off to shop your closet.


Meghan said...

Ok, I really want to try this now. Now that someone I can trust (I can trust you, right? Lol) has done it and said its pretty easy. Very cool

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This turned out so cute. And I love that picture of Gabe. Also, I'm all over the double sized tape route. Awesome work, Shannon

Mollie D said...

awesome, good review. I've always wondered if they are worth anything.

and I lurv that picture of gabe

Emily said...

Someday, when I feel like I have more wallspace, I'll do an engineer print of my kids on a wall somewhere. Love Mr. Gabe's picture, and the fence looks awesome!


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