Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Mah Christmas House Tour

Well well well, it's almost Christmas, isn't it? All those plans I had for decorating and new Christmas craft ideas, and trust me, I had a freaking ton, well, they're out the window. It's cool though, I've been spending my time doing more important things like going to Sesame Place with the fam, baking cookies with Gigi and wearing out my library card. For the first time in my life, I did almost all of my shopping online and it has left me the most relaxed person ever.

Luckily I managed to drag out the boxes a few weeks ago and get the basics in place. My little helper was actually a helper. He handed me the branches from the box and was obsessed with the strand of lights. He was so darn excited, it made a normally tedious chore (the separating, the fluffing, etc) go quickly.


And that was it for about two weeks. I had plans to make all sorts of gray & white and woodsy ornaments to go along with my Scandi-Shabby Christmas theme but time kept passing, I wasn't making anything and my tree looked sad. So I went and pulled out everything I already owned (meaning RED) and loaded this bish up. And dammit, she is festive as hell. So what if she doesn't quite fit in with the theme, I've learned to get over it. I'm assuming you have too? Good.

Every year I pick an ornmanent for Gabe to add to his own personal collection but I try to make it mean something. You can see his gnome up there from last year but this year's was obvious...the dump truck. Luckily Gabe doesn't have any speech impediment when it comes to his favorite type of truck because that could get awkward.

Here's the rest of the room. I picked up a few cheapy wreaths from Michaels and hung them from the windows (I'll take Shannon implements Pinterest ideas for $1000, Alex).

Of course, in my sugar plum dreams, these wreaths would all have been boxwoods. But they are expensive, so they weren't happening. This does the trick.

I can't add much to the tables without it becoming thrown around but Gabe saw this musical angel in the box and became obsessed. He calls her Tootsie the Princess and she plays the guitar. And when I wind her up, he climbs up on my lap and says it makes him sleepy. Seriously? This is what it's all about. This angel that I grew up with is now Tootsie the Princess and she thrills Gabe. I love it.

Some random crap thrown together in a random vignette.

I was about to put a cloche on these deer that my mom gave me but they've become Gabe's little project. Sort of like Elf on the Shelf, we've got Deer on the Loose. Gabe moves them around every day to a different spot. No mischief, no piles of flour to clean up, just some deer in random places. Works for me.

Then of course, the breakfast room, which has already been done up all Scandi style...


If you missed the rest of it, you can see it here. Other than that, there's not too much else going on around the house that's new and exciting. Normally I go all out in my dining room, but with a Bottle Pop party on New Year's weekend, my dining room has been party central and there was no point trying to work around it. 

SO there you have it. I'm off to be relaxed some more.


Kate said...

Looking good! Speaking of your musical angel, I pulled out the musical snow globe i got last year and put int in the playroom for Colin- he knows it is not for touching- he asks very nicely for "your turn!" and we spend no fewer than 20 minutes winding that sucker up and shaking the snow. He very gently presses the top of the globe when he wants more snow. Yesterday I had enough, so I told him we were all done for the day, but we'd do it again tomorrow. Later he pointed to it and said, "all done". I wish it would wind itself up. It never gets old for him.

Mandy Ford said...

LOVE the wreath on the chalkboard! That could seriously be a Christmas card. :)

LizzieBeth said...

Shopping online is the shit, isn't it? I have been done for weeks, and this has been the most relaxing Christmas ever.

Plus, it's always fun to get packages in the mail.

Call me naive, but I really thought the three ornaments you had when we were over was it. And I was totally on board too.

Very Merry to you, Gabbers and John!!


Anonymous said...

Looking good! I especially enjoy Gabe's pjs although they weren't actually part of any themed decoration (ok the deer are pretty cute too!)

p.s. JOYEUX NOEL has no A in Joyeux ;) But I enjoy the french je ne sais quoi you were going for!

Love from Canada,

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm so glad that he was such a great helper. And i love the Gabe lights photos. He's such a handsome guy.

Also, I adore the wreaths on the windows and the boxwood on the chalkboard, and okay, everything.

Nellie said...

deer on the loose? love it. we didn't do elf either this year--i kept finding him face down in the corner or being dipped into the juice cup. we do have two naked barbies--naked except for elf hats. Per thijs, they are barbie and barbie's friend. no clue how he keeps them straight as they are identical--suppose i could put pants on one of them at least to tell them apart myself.

*claire* said...

you gotta work with what you've got - time and energy included :)) it looks great though - truly. any semblance of a theme is better than the mismatched stuff i put out!
i love the boxwood too.


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