Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zoobilee Zoo!

This past weekend, we solidified our friendship with the neighbors by tagging along with them to the Philadelphia Zoo. It's been about 6 or 7 years since I had been there last and like most everything else, these things are better with a kid. Sure, not having to lug a ton of crap and deal with toddler tantrums has its perks but watching the eyes of a two year old widen upon his first polar bear sighting? Well that's some good stuff. 

The polar bears were settling in for a nap when we got there. Of course. I don't think I've ever seen them awake and swimming. Lazy s.o.b's.


Unfortch for us, we visited the zoo on the absolute wrong day. Even though it was almost 70 degrees in November and not a cloud in the sky, a lot of the animals had been moved because of the hurricane and not returned. A lot of the normal attractions that the kids were so excited to take Gabe on, like the camel and horse rides, weren't open. The gigantic zoo balloon? Not flying today. Womp womp. Sorry kids.

These guys are cool though. And they were there's that.

Gabe's first carousel ride! He talked a big game about getting on the crocodile but turns out, he hated it. We scampered over to the snake basket and took a ride.

There's a pretty awesome indoor playground exhibit thing for members of the zoo, which has a big treehouse, dinosaurs and their eggs, big tree trunks to slide through and honeycombs to climb on. The boys were in heeeeeaven.

Best good buddies.

On the way out, we hit up the primate house, which is probably my favorite part. I could hang out in there all day watching these guys. I'm fascinated by them but man, it makes me so sad. They look so sad being in there.

This guy sat in a window alcove looking forlorn. AND LIKE A FREAKING HUMAN. Can't deny that shizz.

So weird. But anyway, it was a fantastic day with some new(ish) buddies and it wore us all out. And on the walk to the exit, the giant turtles were humping each other. Can't get much better than that. 
Move it along kids, move it along...


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

We love the zoo and have used Henry as an excuse to go twice. Which is ridiculous because the first time, he dimly slept and the second time he was more interested in the people. Glad Gabe liked it, despite things being closed.

Jennifer said...

Oh man! I saw the title "Zoobilee Zoo" and got SUPER excited for a little trip on memory lane. Loved that show! All in all, Gabe and the zoo are better anyways!

Michelle said...

My sister's family has a Family Membership, so my boyfriend and I are lucky enough to tag along a few times a year with my my niece and nephew. I will totally agree on that gorilla seeming like a human. I have tons of pics of him sitting in that same spot, to the point where I saw that pic in my news feed and said, "I know that guy!"
The Zoo Balloon is AWESOME, but it's really hit or miss in when it's running. Even if there's a slight breeze, they won't go up. And those camels HURT! My boyfriend wasn't walking so great after a ride on those!
If you didn't this time, be sure to take Gabe on the little train if you go back. It just goes around in a little circle, but my nephew LOVES it and insists my boyfriend, niece and I cram in one little car with him every time (he's 2-1/2). Although at Halloween, he looked down and exclaimed, "Hey! Why der no tracks!?"

*claire* said...

that last photo is for reals nat geo. and yes - so very human. i get sad too.

i haven't been to a zoo in forever - but pretty soon we can take harper and that will be fun (or a good excuse to go ourselves, at least!) glad gabe is making some little friends! :)

Mollie D said...

You called a polar bear an s.o.b.- good stuff

Meghan said...

I was all "oh zoo trip post, fun!" but then I saw that last picture and now I'm like "free all the zoo animals nooooowwww!!!!"
Maybe I just need to focus on the humping turtles instead.

Isrut said...

poor I'm depressed and have the theme song for zoobilee zoo stuck in my head!

Cate O'Malley said...

We went for the first time last month, and now that I'm looking at your pictures, I realize we missed a lot! Will need to go back ... after that parking garage is ready.


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