Monday, November 12, 2012

It's a Scandi Shabby Christmas! (Just Go With It)

all from my pinterest board

As soon as the last fun-size Almond Joy was annihilated over here, my focus became Christmas. More specifically...Christmas decorating. Now don't go giving me this focus on the turkey business because 1)Thanksgiving bores me 2) the decor is terrible and 3) I need time to prepare. And since I, like a lot of you (maybe?), feel the need to change things up every year in my holiday trimming, I turned to Pinterest. 

And apparently this year I'm feeling the above (don't mind the black hutch repetition. I like it. A lot.) So what we're gonna do this year is  lots of greenery, boxwood wreaths, twinkley lights, white candles, black and white, etc. It's a bit Scandinavian, a bit shabby chic and a whole lotta making Shannon excited. Of course, unlike the perfect shots above, I don't have the stark white living room or black hutch that serves as the perfect backdrop to these types of accessories. But since I've been attempting to neutralize my house decor (more on that later!), I think this style will work. I think.  

We'll see what I'm saying when I pull all of my candy colored Christmas ornaments out of storage. Can I pawn it off on you guys?


Amy said...

Ahh, THANK YOU! I am so sick of people bitching about putting Thanksgiving first. It bores me too. When the bird gets better decor, we'll talk ;) I love all of your ideas! I'm going all out gawdy this year because my daughter seems to love it...I know I'll want to barf all over Whoville when I see it every day, but meh, whatever makes her yell "Pree pree, Mommy!"

*claire* said...

i love that look!! i wish i could start over with my christmas decor - but then i always get all my crap out and there's some sentimental reason why i still have it. there is no theme and i kinda hate it.

i bet ikea would have some goods to help you get this look - they always have some good christmas stuff. my mom always decorates with boxwood and it's just so pretty and classic.

LizzieBeth said...

You and I are on the same page! I'm throwing out all of my Wal-mart circa 2005 Christmas decor I've been using and starting a new this year. I was calling it "rustic", but it's pretty much exactly the same as what you have pinned.

Let's get to gettin! I love CHristmas decor!!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I, too, am obsessed with boxwood wreaths. And I adore that place setting. It's actually something I think I cut out of a REAL magazine a long time ago. Before the Internet. ;) Kidding. But definitely must have been before Pinterest because who has time for real magazines anymore. ;)

Can't wait to see what you do. You are the queen of holiday decor. I think I"m going to switch things up this year, too.

bethany said...

Hells yes to this! Thanksgiving is a bit of a "meh" for me. Especially this year since I'll be cooking a 17 lb turkey (the smallest we could get here) for just Gabe + I...and I don't even eat meat. Happy T-day, cat. Here's my turkey. Bitch-sesh over. ;)

You and I are on the same page with decor! Our living room is only black + white...and X-mas decor is preeetty limited here to red, silver and gold. So this lil' inspiration board was exactly what I needed to reframe my pastel-lovin'-mind. :)

Thanks for the inspiration, pal! :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

I love this post! I've taken my lazy ass into the basement twice since Halloween just to peek at my Christmas decor. I have to remember what the heck I have before my mind can get to work figuring out a plan. I can't wait to see your set up - black, white, candles - sign me up.

XO. So when is our first sneak peek?


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