Friday, November 30, 2012

Gabe: 2Y2M & 2Y3M

I guess it was bound to happen, I finally missed a month of Gabe updates. Woops. Pretty sure he won't be mad at me. I'll just slip him a freeze pop and we'll be cool. 

Man, Gap is killing it this year with the elbow patches... 

So here we are, Gabe, you're a little over two. And man, you are a funny little dude.  The things that you come up with crack us up. You've got stories to tell us, dreams to tell us about, the day's activities to run through...your dad and I constantly shoot each other looks like, is this kid for real?  

We are constantly amazed how articulate and smart you are. Of course, every parent says this but watching someone go from drooling infant to functioning child is surreal. You've got your opinions and you definitely let us know them. Usually it's with the phrases "Like it!, No like it!" while shaking your head no.  Of course, on the other end, when you're happy, you let us know it. You're all smiles and hugs and incessant giggles for days. It's running jumps and hugs and dancing and playing your air guitar (which is quite possibly the cutest thing ever).

You're still avoiding most foods like the plague but we're just trucking along, hoping that the day you grow out of this phase is coming soon. We've added things like cereal and bagels to your diet and you're really into them. Obviously the nutritional value is slim but hey, if it fills you up and keeps you going, I'm all for it. Also, you are your mother's child. Mama loves a bagel and some cereal.

You don't have a ton of interest in potty training yet (not that I have plans of over-sharing that on the internet, so don't let that stop you) so we're just hanging out in dipes, waiting for the sign. No biggie.

You're obsessed with cars, trucks and construction equipment. And that's pretty much it. You spend a lot of time, with your matchbox cars lined up on the coffee table and couch, with your head down sideways, rolling the cars along. Or laying on the floor, driving your cars. For some reason, this is one of my most favorite things to watch.

You've got the basics covered: numbers, letters, shapes, colors, matching, sorting and man, just so much more. You're soaking up everything at all times. You see one thing, then days later you're talking about it. It's pretty awesome.

And just some stuff I always want to remember:   
You call your pants "mips" and it's caught on around here. It's now a universal nickname. Hey mips!
When someone hands you something, it's always "thank you welcome'.
In restaurants, as soon as a waitress appears, you say"Gunnets! Emonade!" (Nuggets & Lemonade)

Love you buddy!


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

your son sounds adorable!!
ellie x

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Such a cute little dude! I love all of the little details..especially his nicknames for things. Such a fun age! :)

Mollie D said...

Elbow patches!

I encourage potty training sharing on the blog- it's about time for ours to start, but if it was up to him, I'm pretty sure he'd crap his pants until he was 10

He does sound smart- ours can point out every single thing in the room and name it, but matching?? Now way- Go Gabe

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Oh my word. This boy and his wardrobe. That sweater is killer.

I love that he orders his lemonade and nuggets right away. I'm the same way. No time for pleasantries woman. Just give me my nuggets.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

At first I was all "Yellow sweater and navy checked shirt" *squeeeeee* then I saw the elbow patches and I was all *DEAD*... So freaking adorable!!!

I always look forward to your posts about his progress. Such a cutie!


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