Monday, November 5, 2012

Dapper Lil Fella

Toddler Boy Fall Wardrobe
I tend to be a last minute shopper when it comes to outfits for special occasions. I never realized that you've got to act early when it comes to scooping up the good looking shit for your kiddo or else the stores will have nothing but 5T's when all you need is a 2T, know what I'm saying? And even now, the very beginning of November, is pushing it. Those moms who are on it in August already have the rest of us beat, with their secret stashed bags full of Christmas pj's and corduroy blazers hidden from their husbands.

With Thanksgiving, family photos and Christmas coming up and not even thinking about any other occasion, we're gonna need us some spiffy clothes. And seriously, let me again proclaim my love for dressing boys. There's something about picking out tiny suspenders that can't be beat. I wouldn't trade it for a giant hair bow for anything. So anyway, here are some outfit ideas for your little dude this fall. Just don't go buying anything before I'm given the go-ahead to buy all this crap, ok?

Also? Get excited!


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I love all of those outfits!!! I am totally into button up shirts right now. I have to admit that I was one of the crazy August shoppers this year mostly due to the fact that I knew I'd be too overwhelmed with pregnancy to make last minute trips and I have to say I think I'm converted. Much less stressful. Although I did manage to buy the wrong size in EVERYTHING and had to make exchanges. Live and learn right? I have not tried suspenders yet! I'm not sure I could handle the cuteness!

Michael Wurm, Jr. said...

OMG. Can you dress me? Please. Hahaha. That probably sounds really weird.

Lucky Gabe.

Love it!!


DecorandtheDog said...

I want to dress my husband in these outfits. Just saying.

PACOI...I can't wait.

Meghan said...

Just in time for family pictures this weekend, which I'm stressing out about. It's bad enough to try and make myself look decent, but add 2 squirmy boys and a husband that won't let me pick out his clothes? I'm in trouble. But I do know one of those kids will be in something with elbow patches if it kills me.

LizzieBeth said...

I have to say, dressing a boy is more fun then I thought it would be. I snagged this adorbs Gap Kids vest at a consignment sale that I cannot wait to put on the Bubs for Thanksgiving.

Baby carpenter pants kill me.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Ryan always tells me that Henry dresses better than him. But that doesn't take much since my husband usually dresses like a homeless man. Love these outfits. We have suspenders for Henry and they honestly kill me. So cute. And you cannot go wrong with vests and blazers.

Kate said...

Okay, I have a complaint. My post yesterday may have set you back like $10. YOUR post just set me back $40. Granted I scored some sweet ass deals at a consignment shop- CrewCuts, Ralph Lauren and BabyGap, but still, girlfriend. I had no idea Colin needed suspenders. And now I'm in a funk I couldn't find any.

*claire* said...

i've always wanted just girls - but seeing this - and the living proof of cuteness on gabe - it kinda makes me want boys. well, just one :)


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