Monday, November 19, 2012

Bottle Pop's New Home + More Shopping!

So I'd been using a free website template for Bottle Pop's official website since I launched it. However, I was paying each month so that it would point directly to instead of The latter doesn't exactly scream professional, am I right? So month after month would go by and I realized that I was tired of paying for a simple (read: boring) template that I wasn't thrilled with. Yet, I didn't have the $$$ to commit to a fancy pants web designer...yet.

So I decided to go back to basics and do what I know...a blog. I tried to remove all of the normal Blogger shenanigans and make it look as best I could with limited html and coding knowledge. So I'm happy with it, it's new and exciting and more importantly, not draining my wallet each month.So check it out and let me know what you think, if it does the job or if I should let the professionals handle it.

My other money making endeavor has been setting up a more permanent Shop My Closet blog sale page. You guys are so freaking awesome for supporting this blog through my blog sales and I know I always have ladies who are pissed they missed stuff, so I thought I'd keep an on-going one. The logo/link will be permanently hanging out on my sidebar so you can always check for new merch!  I'll add more as things sell out (if they do) and let you guys know if it's been updated. Hopefully this new method is more streamlined and cuts out the whole emailing to claim stuff thing. This method lets you buy through Shop Locket and pay through PayPal. Seems like a pretty sweet deal. And don't forget, all shipping costs have already been included in the prices!
Thanks again for all of your support in all of my hustling :) Or entrepreneurship. Whatever sounds classier.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Guess what I'm wearing today? My Shannanigans dress. And I'm rocking it, if I do say so myself. ;)

Going over to check out your other blogs. Consider yourself followed.

Jillian Keefe said...

Regardless of what your web address reads from what I have seen of Bottle Pop you are amazingly professional girl. Honestly. :) Secondly, I am so amped that you have this "Shop my closet" link. I am all over it; love your stuff! Great idea!! Thank you for making me one happy camper this Monday morning Shannon!

*claire* said...

love it! i think it looks just as good as the other one - and you're DIYing now! and i also had fun looking at all of the parties - there were some i don't think i've ever seen before! you are so talented. :)

Ashley Sjuts said...

I feel like another good outlet for you to make some extra cash would be to create a blogger workshop- because I feel like you know the basic for starting a successful blog really well. You always come across really professional ie paying extra for the .com, I had a really hard time when I first started blogging with even creating a simple custom header or button. I also never knew where to go to create good mood boards or where to edit my pics. You are have a lot of good information like that I feel like other bloggers would love to pay for those kinds of insider tips and tools of the trade. Just a thought : )


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