Friday, August 31, 2012

Talk to Me About Big Boy Beds...

This past weekend we swung by a random stranger's house and picked up a toddler bed, very similar to this one, for the can't beat it price of 15 bucks. We actually weren't even planning on using a toddler bed. We figured that when Gabe broke loose from his crib or he turned 15, we'd get him a regular twin bed. But I saw this one posted in the classifieds section of a mom's newsletter so I scooped it up. I happen to think it's adorable. And it will slide right into Gabe's room seamlessly when the time comes.

Of course, you all know that when I re-did Gabe's nursh into his tiny British Gentleman lair, I promised John that most of it would stay the same when the time for a big boy room came along. And for the most part, it will. With a few itttttty bitty changes...

  L to R 1-unknown/2/3/4-unknown/5/6/7-unknown/8/9

Here are some of my favorite boy rooms out there. I actually tried to track down original sources and not be an internet-asshole and it's amazing how many dead links I found, so sorry for the unknowns. So anyway, I think I've narrowed down the elements I like: stripes and plaid, monograms, industrial, slightly old-fashioned and neutrals. I like rooms that look a tad bit grandpa but not too industrial prison camp-ish, ya know?

The big change? Besides the bed? I'll need a new dresser. As much as I love the look of the antique red one, it's functionality is not so great for a small boy. He needs something more sturdy...and less finicky to deal with. I'm hoping to go all DIY Campaign-style on an inexpensive Ikea dresser. The one pictured above is perfection, color and all.

I'll need a few new blankets and pillows for Gabe's new bed since the blankets he currently uses are teeny tiny yellow & green baby blankets. Most of which, get wrapped around him like a cape by his request every night for his "coat". It's presh. Anyway, I also like the idea of a little wall-mounted light that he can operate since the only lamps are across the room right now. The curtains in his room now are just cheapies from Targ so I'd like to fancy them up a bit by DIY'ing some white horizontal stripes. Annnnd maybe a striped tee pee? I've only wanted one for him for LIKE ever.

We'll also need some toy storage for his room because although the only "toys" kept up there now are books, I'm pretty sure we'll want a few things to entertain him when he wakes up in the morning and it's not time to come wake mama, right? The idea of rolling bins or crates gets my heart a racin'.

Speaking of, talk to me about the switch to the big boy/girl beds for your tots if you have one. We're thinking we'll probably need to put a baby gate up at his door (he's never tried to scale one), mostly for his own safety and our sanity. Keep in mind, Gabe is actually our alarm clock most mornings so there's no chance of him sleeping in and us having to go wake him up. Man, I wish. So tell me how this works.


Sarah Kurpel said...

Great work lots of abreeves, lots of goodness to be had. Don't worry, I'm about to have a full-blown conversation here that I know you'll apprish- my cousin Jim...I'm not sure if he's kidding or serious by using ALL of the trending twitter hastags in his instagram photos so I think we should jump on. #breakfast #swag #mollywop #phillies #garthalgar #thatbecray #blog #blogg #obama #mitt #potus #backtoschool #lolz

Have a good weekend :-D

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love the DIY campaign dresser project! You HAVE to do that. I swore I wouldn't want to update Caroline's room ever too - but there are just so many fun pins out there!

Kate said...

I;m no help here. I changed up Colin's room theme AGAIN bc a certain Grammie took over and ordered a very theme-y toddler bed. And what can you do when someone spends $200 on a boat bed for your son? Go shopping. That's what.

As for making the transition, we've got a few obstacles to cross before going there, and Colin is very happy in his crib, but when the time does come, the gate will definitely go up. And the door will be closed. As it is, he is all "Mommy?? Cheerios?" all damn morning long. And the train table will be in full effect. It's all about keeping him in that room.

Mollie D said...

This is so funny, because I'm working on the same post using your polyvore tutorial! If it was up me, he's stay in his crib until he was four, but he's started to try to climb out. We are lucky he's a late sleeper though. Have you seen the alarm clocks that you can set to turn to green at whatever time and then you can teach them they can't get out of bed until the clock is green? Genius, we'll be getting one of those. Is it child abuse if you set it for 10?

LizzieBeth said...

AHHH! I wish I had known you wanted a campaign style dresser. There was one at Impact last week for $70!

..and please stop referring to anything Gabe related as "big boy". I refuse to believe he isn't Baby Gaby anymore.


Emily said...

So, we haven't made the transition yet because I'm told that I'll know when it's time. He hasn't tried to climb out of the crib yet, either. But, the other night he was having a really tough night, so I laid down on his bed with him and when I told him it was time to go back in the crib he started crying, so I said gave him the option - crib or bed. he chose bed, I told him I was leaving the room but if he wanted to sleep on his bed he needed to stay in it, and he did. So maybe he's ready. I don't know, I feel like every kid is different, and probably will need several different techniques throughout the process?

Love that bed! Cannot wait to see the room transformation [errr, i mean, the inexpensive and very limited transition, John.]

Jillian Keefe said...

We just made the transition last week and I must say that I had myself sick with worry before we actually did it. The only thing that happened was her waking up the first night and wanting her crib back for like five-minutes. :) She is actually quite obsessed with her "bed" (she will not let me slip and call it a crib ever!) & plays in her room a lot more now that her bed is accessible. Awesome! She actually stays in her bed longer in the morning b/c she is loving the new independence. Double Awesome! I say don't stress about the whole room transformation right away. Take your time, put Gabe in the bed and enjoy the redecoration project! I know it will look fab; you have awesome taste!


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