Monday, February 13, 2012

Internet Ish

Let's chat, bullet point style...But not really bullets because Blogger and I aren't getting along doing bullet formatting.

- So I've been without my laptop for a few days now because it caught a virus. I was unaware that computers still caught viruses. What is it? Y2K? But apparently they still do. And apparently everyone's (and I mean everyone) response to such a problem is to "get a Mac". I don't think I will though. I'm not a Mac person. Sorry dudes. In the meantime, I've been feeling very out of the internet loop, which is a good and bad thing. I've been starting to get obsessed with Pinterest and seeing what's been pinned and how many hits I'm getting from it and all that. Being obsessed with anything on the internet can't be a good thing. Sure, I've got this ancient desktop that sits in an upstairs bedroom that I can use, but it doesn't quite offer the same at my fingertips feeling the laptop does. And it's slow as ffffffffudge. So maybe not being on the internet so much is a good thing. I guess. The bad part about all this is that I feel out of the loop with my internet friends and while that may sound lame, I consider a lot of my blog friends vital to my everyday sanity. Luckily I've made a lot of them real life friends so I don't consider myself quite the loser when I say that.

- Speaking of internet friends, I feel like blog commenting is way down around here. I know I've hardly been the best commenter out there but in looking at my own blog now and say, this time last year, the number of comments are just way down. I know you're not supposed to care about comments, or at least act like you don't care, but I do. Everyone does. That thrill of an email arriving with a comment is so fun. And I've always had good commenters too. Hardly any of that "So cute!" and done with it comments. I've mostly always gotten quality responses and I appreciate that. So I don't know if it's a cyclical thing or if I'm just not posting enough Gabe pictures, which are usually popular, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. Meh.

- Similarly, I do get quite a few one or two time commenters and then poof, they're gone! Now I know when I started out blogging, I would do that. Quick to jump the gun on commenting on a blog I thought I enjoyed. But then 1 of 3 things would happen. 1) I found the blogger never updated frequently and I moved on 2) I found, through their next few posts, that I really wasn't into them like I thought I was or 3) I was kind of hoping for a glimmer of a response and never got any. I understand 1 and 2 completely. But in case you ever felt like #3, I have a major suggestion for you. Make sure your email is attached to your profile. So that when you leave a comment on my blog, when I go to click your name, your profile will pop up and show me your email. Likewise, when I get an email with your comment in it and I hit reply, it won't show up as "no-reply". It will automatically have your email listed. So if you have a question or comment and want a response, you'll get one. Maybe not that day, because face it, Gabe is kind of an all-day handful, but within a few days I'd say. To make sure you're good to go, check out this easy tutorial.

- Have I mentioned that I really want you to come to Always Crafty craft workshop? Because I do. Even if I don't know you. And especially if you're funny and/or awesome. In case you weren't aware of it, I hosted a blogger meet-up last fall where a bunch of people who never met, came to Philly and became friends. So you should come. What's holding you back, besides being far away? Let me know. For reals. I want to know.

- Lastly, who stole my baby and left this small boy? WHO?

    Got internet qualms? I'd love to bitch about them with you. Let's hear em.


Kate said...

Hi! First time commenter here. NOT. First off, did anyone suggest you get a mac? I'm just saying since Im sitting here all cozy like, watching Sprout and surfing the inter webs, Kelly Slater style. Cuz I have a Mac. ;)

Second, nice shirt Gabe. I suggest a Twins- like get together with Gabe and Colin, complete with Dublin shirts. It will be so funny because they don't look at all alike. Are you imagining it? I am. And it's adorable.

Emily said...

Love the Dublin shirt on Gabe. Where can I get one for my Irish McKiddle? Basically everything you have I want. Also, Thomas put on his Green St. Patrick's baseball cap yesterday and it was a little weird - mostly b/c the hair he has is pretty much invisible. Gabe rocks a hat much better than TMac.

I think the commenting thing is kind of cyclical - the normals get busy with their lives, and attracting a new audience isn't always easy. I've been a slacker commenter lately b/c I read so many blogs on my phone whenI have a spare second, and I'm too lazy to comment on my phone. And then I think there's comment karma - since I've gotten lazy with the commenting, the commenters stop coming. But mostly I just think it's our original blog group has kind of run it's course on the daily interaction thing. Oh, and everyone just pins things they like now.

bethany said...

I feel you on all your points about commenting! I'm not always the best commenter, but I'm trying to get better. And so glad you shared that "no-reply" tip...I think some just don't know that's a feature, and it makes getting responses from bloggers so much easier! Love it.

Sometimes I blame lower numbers of comments on the fact that I already share sneaks of stuff via Instagram + Facebook, so lots of my readers see snippets of what I share, like or comment, and don't always feel the need to comment further on my blog. That's cool. I'll start to worry if I see people unsubscribing in hoards, like, "This 'B is getting booooring!". :)

One of my biggest beefs is getting a comment that's purely self promotion. Like, "I followed you, will you follow my blog? (Insert link.)" or "Come check out my giveaway!". I DON'T hop over. Not because I think every comment should be about "me!", but because it's just rude to use what another blogger spend hours writing/photographing/sharing as a space for promoting yourself, without even feigning interest in the topic at hand. I read a Bloggers Tip Book written by this big blogger who said she considers those comments spam and deletes them. Agreed.

One more beef: I have this one commenter who swings by every now and again, but she CLEARLY never reads what I write. And I know she speaks English...she has a blog in English. Once I wrote a post about how I'd been eating a ton and felt like I looked pregnant...but one line later said NOT PREGNANT. It was just a post in which I talked trying to eat healthier, lose some lbs. Her comment, "How exciting! When are you due?"


I might not be a daily commenter on most blogs, but when I do, I take the time. I try to make it clear that I've actually read the post, enjoyed it...and am NOT commenting just to get people to my blog. That ain't what it's about, yo. It's about giving some love to a blogger you enjoy.

Also on being laptopless...UGH. I've been dealing with a smidge of withdrawl, because as soon as I leave our apartment complex, there is no internet or 3G. Oh also 12 hour plane rides make me feel like the world went on without me and EVERYONE did cool stuff but me.

Here's hoping "really long comments" isn't on your internet-bitch-list. :)

Haha. Sorry bout that.

Kate said...

I am horrible about commenting on blogs...but I do love to read them. I must admit I do miss the baby Gabe photos each month. Every time there was a new one I would show my hubs and we would laugh and say "wish we had done something cool like that with our kids"! He is looking very little boyish now (and adorbs). My other favorite part of your blog is the DIY/crafty/home decor type posts...right up my alley. It's a shame you have no sense of humor, that would really make the blog a hit (lol)! Well, if nothing else, I hope you at least get a kick out of an extra comment :)

LizzieBeth said...

ok, I am guilty of commenting less. I catch up on my blogs while I am pumping, and it is such a pain in the ass to type one-handedly.

That being said, I promise I will get better, swears. And I totally bought my ticket for Always Crafty. Super excited for it.


Michelle H. said...

I admit it. I'm one of those people that reads a ton of blogs, but only comments every once in a while. Personally, I find one of the things that makes me reluctant to comment on blogs lately is that I feel like many blogs have sort of become little "clubs" for other bloggers.

While I've been toying with the idea for a while, I don't have my own blog. I'm a copy writer/editor at a fashion company in Bucks County, PA by day and a free-lance writer for by night and weekend. I'd love to start my own site, but I worry that I wouldn't have the time to dedicate myself to it the way I'd like to.

Anyway, that was the long way of saying that while I love to write, bake,cook, talk about cute kids (though I don't have any of my own yet)...I feel like a bit of an outsider when it feels like most comments on blogs are either from close real-life friends or other bloggers.

Jamie said...

I'm part of the comment drop off problem lately - and for me it just came down to work. For a while I could only keep up with reading blogs, no time for comments, then came the weeks where there was no time for internet period. Luckily things are getting back to normal.

But aside from that I've also noticed that blogging (posting and commenting) is down in general - I'm starting to blame it on pinterest - the time we spend there had to come from some place....

Project Shannon said...

Hi! I've missed you around my blog too - but I totally get the whole busy/my computer decided to have a melt down. Things have been super crazy for me during the day with my new-ish job, but I still check up on you and all the cool things you are up to.

And if I could attend your crafty meet up, I totally would. I want one of those mossy letters for Caroline's room.

And Gabe is officially like a "real kid". Whoa.

Amanda Sevall said...

I read a lot on my cell phone and it's too much of a pain to type on it. There, I admitted it... I'm lazy! But I read all the posts. Swear. :) And I kind of have to agree with Michelle H., sometimes, on certain blogs, it's really annoying that people start to seem kinda "club" like. Personally, it's a huge turnoff! I stop reading. And really, with the huge influx of blogs in the last couple of years, it's made it harder to keep up with everyone. I've been at the blogging thing for a long time. I used to read like six blogs. Now thanks to Google, Facebook and Pinterest, I read a million. Only so many hours in the day!! ;)

All that said, you should know that you are in my Daily Reads file on Google Reader. You can just add me to the lazy commenters category. ;) xo -A

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm digging the Gabe picture, seriously. Kisses coming his way.

I've been majorly slacking in the commenting department. Like, major. so forgive me? I haven't even had the energy to make it through all my blogs in Google Reader, although I do always read yours, just don't always comment.

And, I will say that my commenting goes way down when I'm not out commenting, too. So, I would say there's definitely a correlation.

You really should get a mac. For serious.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

And, also - I'm with Amanda. It's sucha first-world problem that I read blogs on my iPhone and don't wanna go through the hassle of commenting.

*claire* said...

too funny i just posted about how i was being terrible at commenting lately. i always end up reading posts on my phone and you can't comment thru the reader app - which makes me very sad. i always compose my comment in my head, convinced i will come back later, but never quite get around to it. it's such a difference not sitting at a computer all day like i used to!

love that gabe. he really is big! i remember i started reading right as you were leaving work pre-baby. how time has flown!! :)

also, i always "attend" your bottle pop parties via your pinterest boards :)

Mary said...

So....yeah, I rarely comment. And my blog is pretty new so I pretty much assume that everyone thinks I'm batty and that's why they don't comment on mine because they're afraid they'll catch it.

But really two things can be answered with one answers: I travel for work. So I haven't bought my ticket yet for Always Crafty because I need to make sure that I can still make it since it's a 4 hours drive from the Cuse and the end of the quarter is the day before which means work craziness (I'm 99% sure I can make it though and am watching the spots like a hawk on Etsy to make sure they don't run out). And so part two of my travelling job: I read a lot of the intarnets while I'm driving. Yup, I know, it's bad. But you trying being in a car for 6 hours with nothing to do but wonder if your landlord would be cool with you skipping a month of rent in order to buy a Louis Vuitton and how you can stalk your ex on Facebook without him actually being your friend. I NEED BLOGS WHILE I DRIVE TO SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!!

Ahem. Also, I don't comment because I'm afraid that I'll be found out that I read blogs entirely too much and know way more about random people than I should. Seriously, it's becoming a problem. One that you will find out about in April, no doubt :)

Mary said...

Also, please be aware that when I show up at Always Crafty half of my car will be filled with Wegman's Ultimate Chocolate Cake whether you want it there or not.

Lori P said...

I am a rare commenter but I have been reading your blog since right before Gabe was born. I click on your blog on my Google Reader feed right away when I see it and I love it. You are funny girl.
I hardly ever comment because it feels kinda weird that I am reading all about others' lives but I don't have a blog of my own for you (and others) to learn about and know me. It's so one-sided and I guess it has made me feel like a little bit of an outsider that way (sharing Michelle's sentiment). But I do read every post and should just get over my commenting reservations and say hello more often!

I don't know how to add my email address with my identity choices below so here it is:

Lori P said...

One other thing...I live in the Twins Cities and was wishing I knew you and your blog friends so I could have joined you at the Local for Bethany's surprise bachelorette party. That looked like SO MUCH fun!

Mom said...

This stage of development for Gabriel has been like a rocket. When you feel you have a handle on him, he goes and perfects new skills. He is handsome, adorable and sweet to me. I am so glad to have the opportunity to visit him in ways I never had the chance to do with Josh's kids and Shawn's.Love,love,love..P.S. You my girl I am most proud.Whether you feel well or not, you make the most amazing and crafty things.

Leigh said...

YUCK! Why is technology such a PITA??! It is supposed to make our lives easier. I still haven't worked up the balls to deal with my dell that died...apparently I dropped it too many times (if it is portable they should expect it to be dropped) seemed like no big deal because I had all my photos (wedding, honeymoon, Chester's puppy pics, etc.) on an external hard drive...which it turns out wears out from over use. What the freak?!? People were always saying to "back it up" (not your ass the files...I know you were thinking it)......they never said to back up the back up.

How's that for a comment??! :)

Much to My Delight said...

Ditto on most of these other comments about commenting. I read blogs (and always read yours every time you post) but I only comment when something really really drives me to do so and I know I have something good to add to the conversation. Your posts always amuse me because you have a killa sense of humor. I'm still here!

Meg said...

Gah! That baby is a little boy! Is that how it happens? You wake up one morning and your precious little baby is suddenly an adorable boy with a baseball cap on?!?! The cuteness... I CAN'T HANDLE IT.

Comments are important. When people don't comment, you (we're really talking about me, here) think no one reads and then you (me, again) think wtf am I wasting my time on? And then you (me) quit posting as often and then people really don't comment because no one is really reading. It's a sick cycle. One that I'm in the midst of as.we.speak. Or did I make that obvious already?

In a somewhat related note, I totally need to respond to your response to my comment on a previous post. But I have also been taking a break from the internet... it's called husband had knee surgery and is bogarting the laptop and I have a 3 month old boob monster. And laundry. And dinner to cook. And a dog. Ad nauseum. But I'll get to it. Swears.

Jamie said...

I'm reading but I've become the worst commenter. It really is about time and I'm reading blogs on my phone, so commenting becomes too tough with my sausage fingers.

All traffic hits from Alabama are me. Assume. :-)


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