Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your Recipe Doesn't Suck

I've got three bangin recipes for you today, brought to you from various delightful blogs across the interwebs.  If I thought you cared about wordy reviews, I'd write one. But no words are needed. It's just good eatin. 

First up is crock-pot BBQ chicken. Seriously easy and seriously good.

Next up are Petit Lasagnas. Yep, they're mini, which means I automatically love them.

and finally, an above-average version of Chicken Parm.

Once again, I implore any good food to share?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Always Bloggy in Philadelphia Meet-Up Update

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to register for the Always Bloggy meet-up! If you've been on the fence, hop on off and email us at to let us know you're interested. And btw, if you're a blog stalker and feel weird outing yourself or anything like that, do not, I repeat, DO NOT feel weird. We've got a couple blog stalkers turned new friends, who are coming to hang out. If you think it's too far to go by yourself, bring your husband or best friend or mom, I don't care! The more the merrier.  It's seriously going to be the event of the year and you'll totally be pissed if you miss it. Have I convinced you yet? Go here to see the original meet-up post to read more about it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Boy PJ's & Baby-Proofing

We celebrated a momentous occasion recently. And it made me tear up more than my baby getting his first haircut. Gabe wore his first pair of big boy pajamas. You know, the two piece ones. He's now moving into 12 month size clothes and apparently once you say sayonara to the 9 month jawns (raise your hand if you don't know the meaning of the word "jawn") you don't get as many options for one piece zippered footie pj's. Keep in mind, I pretty much shop at Carters and that's it so my knowledge of these facts is only by my observations there. Anyway, big boy pajamas are caaa-ute! Look!

Seriously. So cute that the next day, I was considering taking him out without changing. But just because I wear my pjs in public doesn't mean I subject the general public to my son doing it too. I'm bad enough.

Later Ma

Did I mention Gabe has mastered these tricky things called stairs? He's all over them. And he totally knows how to go back down the safe way by swinging his legs around until they hit the ground. Once again, clearly a genius. Anyway, I wanted to show you a mother's worst child-proofing nightmare. The tile floor where Gabe was sitting is in the kitchen. There is an extra high step down to the brick step. This half-moon shaped step was originally the backdoor step before an addition was added to the house. We liked it because it added character.

Then I had a baby and realized it was a head-smackin' waitin' to happen. And it happened. But it happened before I could find anything to child prood this thing with. There was nowhere to put a gate. There was nothing I could find in the childproof section that would work.

 So it was during his step crawling learning period, I looked away for a second and smack, there it went. Then the screams came. I ran over, searched for blood and luckily found none then got on the horn with my mom. Obvs. he turned out fine. But I went out that day, determined to find a solution. I found it at Home Depot. It's one of those kitchen rugs that it supposed to reduce exhaustion or something. It's about an inch thick and is nice and padded Made by? My girl Martha Stewart. And it doesn't clash too much with the brick step. Crisis slightly averted. Of course, it hasn't happened since so it figures. Anyway, I told you all of that mostly so I could show you this video. If this doesn't get your ovaries a screamin for a baby then I don't know what will. This is what having a kid is all about.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Socializing and Whatnot

Summer is in full swing round these parts. And with summer comes parties. And I love a good party. Hell, I like a so-so party. As long as there's a spiked punch of some sort, I'll show up...probably with a present. First up, we headed out to my best friend's niece's high school graduation party.

A niece who clearly has good hair.

Anyway, her mom, my best friend's sister is a party-planning pro. She went with a Caribbean theme. But it was the kind of Caribbean where you can leave your resort area. The safe kind. What am I talking about...I've never been to the Caribbean. I'm sheltered really.

How bout these shennanigans? A little palm tree made out of pineapples! And surrounded by a shit-ton of fruit!


And a kayak cooler! Double genius! I'm not one for watersports but I'd totally hop in this one.

Said signature drink. Blue Hawaiians...I think. The kind of drink that tastes like Island Cooler Kool-Aid and you don't realize how drunk you've gotten until you go to refill your cup and you twist the drink knob right off the dispenser. That didn't happen but I imagine it could have.

That looks like a lot of work.
You know what rules? When someone at a party asks if they can hold your baby, then they hold them for like a half hour. None of that minute and a half business. Thanks Eileen.

Buffalo soldiers, dreadlock rasta

That was a nice segueway to a baby shower right?

I thought so.

My pal of all pals Katie's having a baby! Well not right now but in a few months. So she got showered!

Her mom threw the cutest shower at her cute house.

And I took pictures of food.

I am obsessed with hydrangeas lately. So much in fact that I went and bought some hydrangea bushes yesterday and had my house boy plant them along the house. And btw, did you know that if you add aluminum sulfate to your hydrangea soil it will help turn them blue?  Thank Jen for that tidbit. I did.

I made Katie do cheesey poses in the back yard mostly because I wanted pictures of this teeny little house that's attached to the shed. Isn't it adorbs? It's got the perfect amount of moss & weathering.  I wish I had one.

I'm trying to get better at taking candid photos. I always feel like a little bit of a creeper taking photos when people aren't ready and waiting and saying cheese. But I know they can turn out awesome so I'm trying.

Did I mention I love getting out of my house? Because I do.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday: Mythical Creature Edition

I grew up in a neighborhood FULL of kids. And I'm pretty sure it was a right of passage for boys to play baseball and girls to play softball. It didn't matter if you knew how or were any good, you played. You signed up at the fieldhouse, you were assigned a team and you picked up your team uniform. You marched in the town parade with your team and ended up getting your pictures taken for your Trade N Cards. Of course I don't think I ever "Trade N'd" my cards so they all ended up floating around my family photo albums and years ago, when I came across this one, I showed it to John, expecting 1) maybe an aww, you were cute comment and/or 2) a lesbian softball player joke. But the only thing he cared about was I had a phallic tin foil shape glued to my head.

Yeah, I guess that's not the kind of thing you see everyday. So I explained. My team was called the Unicorns (yes. seriously) so it was someone's bright idea for us to shape unicorn horns from foil and wear them in the parade. I'm pretty sure people thought we were actual unicorns for a minute.

Although I've always had decent hand-eye coordination, my softball career ended before I turned 10. But my stupid team mascot association didn't end there. My high school animal of choice? A freaking panda. No wonder I shunned athletics in favor of getting my eyebrow pierced and smoking cigs at the trolley stop after school.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

That's One Weird Baby

Babies are weird. They're born looking like cranky little old men with no resemblance to anyone but then morph into something resembling cute (Most of the time. But let's not get started on ugly babies. I've given up my ugly baby shit-talking) or both of their parents. Some babies have hair. Some don't. Take Gabe. Here he is at a day old, rocking thick dark hair that I just loved.

Oh man, but as he got older, he lost all that gorgeous dark hair and this wispy light hair started growing in. Around Christmas it was even looking reddish.  He even got arm rolls. They crack me up.

And over the past six months or so, his hair has been steadily growing in, getting a little darker but forming into a little point on his forehead. It was getting long though. And since it's a little Biebs-esque, it was starting to cover up those baby blues. And we can't have that, can we? So you know what we did.

Gabers got his hair did. We took him to see John's hairdresser at the very fancy Hair Cuttery but she decided to go into labor that morning so my hairdresser filled in. My hairdresser, although talented, is a might say...rough around the edges. She's loud and slightly obnoxious, pretty much unprofessional and un-PC. But she's funny and she talks a lot...which makes for a good hair stylist.  Anyway, her shirt didn't quite cover her gut the day we were there, so I cropped her out of any pictures. Semantics.

Something weird is happening here. I don't know what it is but mom is wearing a garbage bag. And I know that's not normal.

You can smile all you want Ma, but I don't trust that other lady. And wait, why am I wearing this giant bib? Is it lunchtime?

Okay seriously guys, what's going on here? What are those sharp things heading towards my melon?

Sure, I'll play with this spray bottle. But don't think I don't have my eye on you, lady.

So I'm guessing I won't be winning the baby Biebs contest anytime soon?

This is NOT fun.

This comb tastes pretty good though. Thanks.

It's sucking my will to live!

Glad you put that giant bib on me, Ma, a lot of good it did.

Now I'm stylin and profilin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

John: A Far Better Parent Than I

So I came up with this great master plan to celebrate John's first Father's Day this past weekend. I even wrote out a schedule. It went like this:

6 am - Wake up to Gabe and silently curse him. Then curse whoever came up with Father's Day because I knew I'd be grabbing the glove and getting up with him instead of John normally doing it.

6 to 8 am - Stare mindlessly at morning cartoons, avoiding The Wiggles at all costs.

8 to 8:55 am - Plop Gabe down in front of a tray of Cheerios so I can make breakfast.

8:55 to 9 am - Shove bacon, egg and cheese bagel down my throat because I realize I can't carry baby plus two breakfasts upstairs at the same time.

9 am to 10 am - Wake John up with happy baby and plate of bacon. Engage in family cuddle time.

10 am to 12 pm -Put baby down to nap so I can shower and get baby ready to go. Tell John to relax on couch.

12 pm to 12:30 pm - Feed baby lunch and attempt to leave house. Go pick up mom and take her out to lunch for her birthday. Leave house and give John orders to enjoy his alone time, i.e. watch as many shows on public access about the history of Gettysburg as he wants. Fill in commercial breaks with Mythbusters and a 126th watching of Band of Brothers. John and I differ greatly in our choices of television entertainment.

12:30 pm - Stop at pizza place and arrange to have cheesesteak delivered to house for John's lunch as a SURPRISE!

12:30 pm to 4 pm - Hang out with mom and baby. Assume John is napping on couch.

4 pm to 6 pm - Come home, bribe Gabe with more Cheerios and make special Fathers Day Dinner for John. Menu: Lamb chops because he loves them and I've never had them and/or made them, roasted potatoes and cauliflower with strawberry pie for dessert.

6 pm to 7 pm - Adorable family dinner followed by playtime (i.e. how tired can we make Gabe) then bedtime for Bonzo.

7 pm to 10 pm - 2nd slice of strawberry pie and general relaxation.

Ok well the morning started off on schedule. Then John threw it off. He really didn't want to be home alone and would rather go out to lunch with my mom and us. I know, cute right?

So plans went out the window and we headed to pick up my mom.

and we went to a little restaurant that I found on Yelp. It was aptly named House, mostly because the place had about 6 seats and it felt like you were eating in someone's kitchen. Luckily I had read all about it in the reviews so i was prepared. It was quite cozy and more importantly, empty...mostly because I really didn't feel like dealing with being the bumbling bull in a china shop with the stroller and a full teeny restaurant. 

Anyway, this place had some ridiculously good sandwiches like...

The Don Juan which was orange braised pork, cilantro pesto, red pickled onions on rosemary foccacia. i enjoyed every orangey bite.

John had the El Nino (which is Spanish for The Ninnnnoooooo name that beloved cokehead comedian) which was avocado chicken salad, bacon, tomatoes with a chipotle remoulade. I tasted it like I always do and gave it two thumbs up.

My mom had the Stilton Grilled Cheese...aged cheddar, gorgonzola and local apple slices. I've never tasted Stilton but my mom said it was strong so I passed. I like my cheese like I hate my cocktails...weak.

Oh and I also had a fun soda.

Gabe munched on a plate of cheddar cheese thoughtfully provided by the ladies working the counter. But all the pictures of him turned out blurry. But picture baby covered in bits of cheese. Got it? Good.

Ok so then we headed outside to take a family pic...

My mom hasn't mastered the big DsLR yet. Who needs the top of their head anyway?

Ok doing better here...but c'mon Gabe, seriously? Anywhose, we then drove around to find a park. And we drove and we drove. All of them were eliminated because 1) no baby swings 2) no shade and it was like 90 degrees and 3) creepers hanging out. So we did the next best thing, we got drive-thu Dairy Queen. Gabe napped while we sat in the car eating our Peanut Buster Parfaits and chatting. Then we took Mom home and headed to John's parents house for a surprise visit, which is around the corner from my mom. We stayed for about an hour, long enough to realize how unchildproof their house is, and took off.

So even though we were pretty much stuffed still, there was no way in hell I wasn't cooking that freaking lamb dinner. So I made it. And of course, like usual, the meat took a lot longer to cook than the recipe called some of it turned out a bit red. I should have paid attention to the little lamb baaaing from my stove. But turns out, I like lamb! And so did Gabe. The sauce didn't hurt the matter either, it was a butter garlic rosemary sauce. Yum.

So once again, my anal scheduled plans went awry. But this time it was for the better. We had a lovely day filled with lovely food and lovely people.  And apparently John is a much better parent than I, because if you offered me a few hours alone? I'd take that shit and run.

And if you're an eagle eye, you might have spotted something else that happened this weekend. But I'll fill you in tomorrow. Because I'm an a-hole and it needs its own blog post.

Over and out.


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