Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rosemary Walnut Chicken

Surprisingly, this recipe is not from Pinterest. Can you believe it? Speaking of Pinterest...although the initial thrill of pinning seems to have worn off for me, I still love just browsing it. And with the Halloween and Christmas pins flooding the boards, well...I ain't complaining. I'm more than ready for some fall weather. And speaking of fall weather, I've got a bangin chicken recipe for you that feels fall-ish. Or end of summer-ish. Whatev, eat it anytime. It's good stuff.


*claire* said...

looks yummy!

yeah, the fall stuff is killing me on pinterest - fall doesn't start here really for another two months! :(

Jillian said...

I can not wait to try this! Looks AWESOME Shannon! I am a summer girl...so the lurking Fall & Winter months are making me anxious. Nothing like some good food to help though! ;)

Leigh said...

I just pinned this. :) I love that it is a bit of an unusual chicken dish, but all the ingredients are things I love and keep on hand. Thanks!

Emily said...

Oh yum! On the menu for sometime in September!

PS - I have a little something for the mister sitting on my kitchen table, I just suck at going to the post office. Keep your eyes peeled!


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