Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gabe-a-rino Goes to a Festival

So this past Sunday, we were hanging out at home with no real plans. I was checking my twitter account and saw my local weather lady tweeting that she was heading to an Italian Festival at a local park. Hmmm, I thought, Italians make good food. It's lunchtime. Let's go. So we went. Keep in mind, this is something we never would have done without having a kid. Before if we were hungry, we would have went to a restaurant or bar. Now it's all about getting out of the friggin house for me, ya know?

Anyway, we meandered into the park to the sounds of an old Italian man singing and to the sight of more old lady mustaches than I could count. Tents of food lined the park and we walked up and down, searching for the perfect lunch. We picked one of the very long lines and stood in it. Gabe was hanging, napped and fed and in a generally good mood.

We stood. And stood.

And stood some more. The line took forever but there was no way we were risking leaving it for another one. At one point, there was an announcement that the booth was out of chicken cutlet. Sweet sassy molassy, you would have thought they cancelled Jersey Shore or something. These eye-talians were pissed! Lots of huffing and puffing and whatnot.  Me, I didn't care. I was looking forward to my sausage and pepps.

Gabe didn't get any. He was pissed.

Even more pissed that we didn't get him an Italian flag t-shirt like gramps in the background there. I was sporting the same look on my face because the whole time I was looking forward to hitting the gelato stand but after getting our sandwiches, they had run out. Womp womp.

Meanwhile, I think he was just bored. His poutiness cracks me up.

So yeah, that's the excitement of our day. We clearly can't contain it. Ha.

Did you hear? Tomorrow's my motherrrrefffffing birthdayyyyy!! Woooo!!!!


Melinda said...

That is really cool that your park held an Italian Festival! I know where I am from they hold "Multi-Cultural" festivals...but that is about crazy delicious food from Italy, which is my FAV place...ever! lol. :) Glad you got out of the house - believe me, I know how you feel about THAT one! ;)

brooke said...

He still takes the best "surprised" picture in the land. Can't wait to see that face in a gnome costume.

Rosemary said...

Love his long gold locks! Italian food is worth waiting in a long line for. Happy almost birthday!

Cynthia said...

His mouth is just perfect! Every time I see a photo of him I think the same thing! Maybe I should start following the weather person over here. The other day my friend was going to be in a town that is 45 mins away from me (she lives 1.5 hours from me) and I jumped at the opportunity to meet her for lunch. I have never been out the door so fast in my life.

Mrs. Adventure said...

Mmmm Italian sausage now I'm hungry :o) Your wee one is adorable but of course you know that already. Thanks in advance for posting my giveaway tomorrow you are the best :o)

kp said...

First of all, that is unlike any Italian I's not in our blood to RUN. OUT. OF. FOOD. I can't even fathom the concept.

Second of all, Gabe does look pissed! Get that boy a sausage and pep sandwich!

PS. I have that t-shirt with the flag. And an actual flag. And an Apron that says "You wouldn't get it, it's an Italian thing". I am such a WOP.

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

Okay, to begin with...could that kid get any darn cuter? No I say. I would pout too if subjected to old lady staches and huffy puffy chicken lovin' folks. You make me giggle.

Shannon said...

Awww - Gabe and I both have chubby pale white legs. Why are his so stinkin' cute and my scare away children and small animals???

Katie said...

I didn't realize that Gabe had a flair for dramatics. He seriously has some amazing faces going on here.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Cracking me up. The cancellation of Jersey Shore. The plethora of lady mustaches.

I'm Italian - Viviani is my mom's maiden name. And I'm pretty sure I'm already getting a mustache. It's depressing. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I just carry tweezers at all time, no joke.

I love the pouty Gabester. You know I'm going to be hogging the snuggles from that guy in August, right? He'd better love me. Or else.

Kelly said...

Gabe might have your mirror face down pat. Loves.

Leigh said...

I love Gabe's eyes and lips in the first photo. So funny. My family always gives me a hard time about being a bad "Italian" as I don't really like onions or garlic.

LizzieBeth said...

In those first two pictures, Gabbers is clearly rockin' his best Magnum pose. Loves it.

Dude, we were totally going to go to that festival too-- until I was dying of kidney stones. Good thing, I might have gone ape shit if there wasn't any chicken cutlet.



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