Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday: Mythical Creature Edition

I grew up in a neighborhood FULL of kids. And I'm pretty sure it was a right of passage for boys to play baseball and girls to play softball. It didn't matter if you knew how or were any good, you played. You signed up at the fieldhouse, you were assigned a team and you picked up your team uniform. You marched in the town parade with your team and ended up getting your pictures taken for your Trade N Cards. Of course I don't think I ever "Trade N'd" my cards so they all ended up floating around my family photo albums and years ago, when I came across this one, I showed it to John, expecting 1) maybe an aww, you were cute comment and/or 2) a lesbian softball player joke. But the only thing he cared about was I had a phallic tin foil shape glued to my head.

Yeah, I guess that's not the kind of thing you see everyday. So I explained. My team was called the Unicorns (yes. seriously) so it was someone's bright idea for us to shape unicorn horns from foil and wear them in the parade. I'm pretty sure people thought we were actual unicorns for a minute.

Although I've always had decent hand-eye coordination, my softball career ended before I turned 10. But my stupid team mascot association didn't end there. My high school animal of choice? A freaking panda. No wonder I shunned athletics in favor of getting my eyebrow pierced and smoking cigs at the trolley stop after school.


rachael said...

omg. i can NOT stop laughing. who's idea was that???

Lisa said...

Now I don't feel quite as embarassed as I was about our team name "The Baseball Babes"

Also, upon just seeing the heading, I was sure I was about to see a photo of us with the Klingon.

Cynthia said...

This is awesome!!! You should pass out any extras during the blogger meet up- as a souvenir :)

Leigh said...

heheeheh that made me gol (giggle out loud). I love that you have the confidence to share it- not I!


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