Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat This, Not That

I've tried out a few recipes I've seen around teh intrwebs lately and thought I'd pass along the ones that got the green light from me. Speaking of recipes, are you guys on the Real Simple daily recipe email list? An awesome reader by the name of Kristen brought it to my attention and I couldn't be happier. I've got a ton of recipes to try and everyone I've made already has been bbbbbangin.

First up is Spinach Lasagna Rolls, found here. They look good, don't they? They were a fun little meal to make and were definitely something different. The only change I made was to doctor up the tomato sauce a little with some Italian Seasoning. And I wish I would have doctored up the ricotta. Make it worth it and use one with some fat in it. I didn't and I regret that. I think it would have been that much better with a full fat version. But either way, thumbs up from me.

And since I began making my own pizzas (like last year...I'm slow), I'm always on the lookout for good topping combos. Normally I prefer white pizzas with spinach and roma tomatoes but I've got to cook for the husband too. So I went with the typical dude meal, steak and potatoes. On pizza. And down it with some beers if you want to be completely stereotypical. However it goes down your gullet, just make sure it does. It's good stuff. I found the recipe here and altered it by using one potato...and was happy I did.


And finally, my most favorite, Quick Sliders. Mini cheeseburgers that are baked! Easy peasy and so friggin good. This recipe makes a shit-ton of mini burgs so I halved it and it was perfect for dinner and some leftovers. I used Pepperidge Farm slider rolls but a lot of people use the Kings hawaiian rolls and next time, I'm totally using them too. I didn't add any toppings besides a little ketchup, I'm a cheeseburg purist.

So there you go, add all three to your menu plans and get to eatin. And as usual, I'm always on the lookout for good dishes to make so if you've got one, hook me up.


Mandy said...

Girl - I really need to come to your house for dinner. Every.single.thing. you post on here makes me drool. The hubby made spinach lasagna rolls just like that a few weeks ago and they were really good. Too spinachy for his taste, but I love me some greens. :) And that pizza?! I'm sitting here eating yogurt feeling very unfulfilled.

Ashley Paige said...

um, i totally wish we still lived in Wayne so that we could come have dinner at your place and G and C could become the best of friends.. i think i'll be making all three of these recipes next week! thanks for posting.. us, domestic heads of household, really need to stick together :)

The Shanner of Attention said...

Well, I just signed up for the daily recipe email. You had me a spinach lasagna rollup!

mandbkrzywicki said...

I have been wanting to make spinach lasagna for a while now! maybe i will try this instead :0)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

MEat and potato pizza? Crazy good.

Oonafey said...

That meat and potatoes pizza looks just weird enough to be awesome. Must try.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Once again, great recipes! Glad you liked the spinach lasagna one too.

My husband would definitely love the pizza and the mini-sliders... I could probably go without meat for days, but he thinks it's weird to have a meal without meat!

Kerry said...

Real Simple recipes are the best.


I think that the majority of the people who read that magazine/website are batshit crazy. Because have you ever looked at the reviews of those recipes? They are ALL negative! I swear, not one recipe gets more than 3 stars, because they inevitably all include "calories," and sometimes even "fat!" and oh my god do the reviewers have a problem with that.

I get hives every time I make one of RS's recipes because I'm convinced they will suck but nope, they are delicious.

Jennifurla said...

Yes! I so love those sliders. My kidlet loves them to which is a bonus.

Thanks for the mention!

Project Shannon said...

I love lasagna rolls - they really switch up the regular dish!

Jolie said...

Ah yes, the spinach rolls are so amazing and easy to make. :) Thanks for the link!


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