Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Copy-Cat Crafts

So I've openly admitted to stealing ideas off the internet and making them myself to save a few bucks. Nothing wrong with that, eh? As long as I'm not trying to make a buck on them, I don't feel too bad. That's what the internet's there for, right? Ok, good, that was my disclaimer.

First up was a little project I saw on etsy that would have cost me about $29 to get delivered to my door from Canada. I thought the idea was not only adorable but so freaking simple to replicate. Plus, my mom used to sing this to me when I was little, so double-adorbs. I already owned the fabric and stamps, so for the cost of the embroidery hoop, some thread and a piece of white felt, I got this little number done for $2.40. Done and added to the nursery wall.
This next little gem would've ran me $32, also from an etsy seller. Don't mind my crap-tastic picture, it was impossible to get a decent shot. What we've got here folks, is a jar with a tree and some birds. And the hot glue is less visible in real life. With a few supplies from Michael's (the tree branch and set of birds), this ran me about $3. And although I think it didn't turn out as cute as the original, I'm just fine with it...only setting me back 15 minutes and $3, ya know? I really need to stop making these useless chotchkes! But the power of their cute-dar is too strong, I fall victim every time.

And finally, the actual paying job I had to finish up earlier this month. This was the centerpiece for my cousin's graduation party. And I'm happy to say I didn't steal this idea from anybody but the OG crafter, Martha. You would not believe what I used for these things though. In order to get the spray-painted branches to stand upright, I filled the ceramic planters up with spray caulk (from a can) then let it expand and dry. Cover the dried caulk with some sand and you've got yourself a sturdy little base. Do this 12 times and you've got yourself a nice little paycheck. Oh and bring your husband to help you set them up on a 95 degree morning. Definitely do that.

Got any good craft ideas you want me to steal? Need something copied on the cheap? I'm your girl.


kp said...

Ugh! You are too-freakin'-crafty! Everything is precious. I am obviously so behind on nursery planning, and I haven't even allowed myself on etsy for fear of my uncontrollable spending habit.

I especially like the "you are my sunshine" embroidery hoop!

Mrs. Adventure said...

Coming from a person that got lost on etsy for two hours today (while at my actual job) I totally get how many great ideas there are out there... gosh if you bought everything you'd go broke... or I would. I love the "sunshine" art it so freaking cute!

Sarah Mahalo said...

I've been singing Sunshine all day. This little dip has the hiccups!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I seriously love the "Sunshine" hoop. I kinda want one for my room. So, you can ship that anytime. I know you aren't busy or anything... you know, growing a HUMAN.

Koos said...

My husband would kill me if he saw this. I am the jerk who is just too lazy to ever tries this stuff and pays the $29.
Adorable stuff, great job!

LizzieBeth said...

I LOOOOVE the first craft. Hol. lee. god. do I love it.

The centerpieces look really great. I should have hired you and saved some cha-ching for the wedding ;)


Joi said...

Oh, these are great! My mom used to sing that song to me too. I may just ry my hand at this! : )


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