Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Knew My Husband Got Around So Much?

When kicking around ideas for decorations for John’s 1970 themed party with my friend Kelly, she brilliantly suggested I paste John’s head on famous people, places and things from that decade. So I did. I photoshopped John’s face onto the following, printed & matted them and hung them gallery-style in the dining room. I will save these things forEVER just because they crack me up. Here are some of my faves.
Ha! The above is my alltime fave. Love. Seriously cannot stop cracking up.
This picture just looks like it smells funky.

This one almost looks a little too real.

Wait, so does this one.

Why does my husband fit into the 70's so flawlessly?? Creepy!


Jackie said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is hilarious. The Nixon one, esp. Just dying laughing over here.

Isrut said...

priceless. Love the simon and garfunkel one!

I'm so sorry I missed the party. I will make it to Chadds Ford one of these days.

Mrs. Adventure said...

Too funny!

Sarah Mahalo said...

Agreed- John makes a good Garfunkel stand-in when needed. AND he ruled at The Game. Snaps for John! (reminding me to rethink my Jort theme and have a Clueless -and other 90s movies- birthday theme.

ashley morgan said...

Hilarious and just plain genius.

Homevalley said...




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