Tuesday, June 30, 2009

put your car on cruise and lay back cuz this is summertime...cupcakes

finally got around to baking up these jawns that I saw last year on the ever-amazing Bakerella. Oh and after my pal Adrienne decided to make them and I thought it was a good idea too.
(Sarah, have you traced the use of "jawns" back any furthur than our senior prom?)

Monday, June 29, 2009


What a bee-you-tee-ful (delco-speak for beautiful) day for beers, horseshoes and chit-chatting...and celebrating the engagement of these two pups. This is Katie & Andy, who will be stars of many more wedding-related posts from now until November.
Note: We made them close their eyes, then open them on the count of 3 to catch a pic of them with their eyes open. That's why Katie looks like a doe in headlights. She's a vision with her eyes open or closed so it really doesn't matter. Did you hear that Dewee? a Vision!
Lindsay (B-Maid), Heather (B-Maid) and Kelly (MOH)

Hey, that's me

Dewee x 2
(they're cousins FYI)

Yeah, you know them...

Sarah & Toddddd

and Jeff just because he makes me laugh

and Katie's mom's couch. I told her I loved and could I post it on my blog...she just shook her head and said I don't know what that is...adorable. But seriously, how hot is that couch?

Friday, June 26, 2009

flashback friday - love those wildwood days edition

1983 Wildwood, New Jersey
This was my backyard every summer as a kid. My grandmom owned a house on the bay in Wildwood Crest, NJ. It was many, many blocks from the beach but when I think back on it, I'm pretty glad. The bay provided for many more things to explore like boats docks and crab traps. We used to even climb up on those nasty poles in the water and jump in the stinky, murky bay. This bay was where all of the sightseeing boats left from so every night after we got home from the beach, we'd sit on the deck and try to be the first to spot the Delta Lady coming back for the night.

I have the best memories of being down the shore every summer as a kid. There was always a group of kids around, whether it was me tagging along with my brothers or a group of my cousins running up and down the boat slips. We ate hot dogs on the beach while our parents drank "crystal light" out of a jug, we shucked corn while Nan fired up the grill every night, we walked to Duffers for mini golf and ice cream and we begged our parents to take us to the boardwalk every night. Those were the days...so tell me, where did you spend your summers? Did you stay in hotels with pools (lucky!)? Or did you congregate at the town pool? Or were you in summer school?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

who doesn't love free?

Ok, so I almost didn't want to tell anyone about this giveaway so that my chances of winning are better but I'm throwing you a bone here. Camila over at High-Heeled Foot in the Door is doing an amazing giveaway...a gorgeous storage bench from Skyline Furniture. Look how purty! Go visit and enter...you don't even have to have a blog, my blogless friends out there...

Pre-Baby Bucket List - Adventure # 3

Ok, this one might be possible with kids but it would be highly annoying so therefore it gets added to the bucket list. I’ve been to the shore a million times…Wildwood, Ocean City, AC and everywhere in between but here’s what I wanna do…wake up before the crack of dawn, like around 4, hop in the car and drive to the shore. Grab some Wawa coffee on the way, maybe a doughnut or 6 and hit the beach to watch the sun rise. Then after that, I need to rent bikes and ride along the boardwalk. I really can’t believe I’ve never done this, so it must be done.

Whaddya say? Wanna come? Grab some Johnson's Popcorn for the drive home?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

post-birthday birthday shennanigans

This past weekend, my darling little buddies got together to celebrate my birthday at one of Delaware County's premier landmarks, The Lagoon..no, now it's called The Deck. We spent many of our formative drinking years at this dump. It's a big complex that sits on the Delaware river and hosts a fine array of characters. If you're looking for the type of bar where you can go hang out, not pay "city" prices for drinks and make fun of everyone in sight, this is the place for you. This is also where I met John...but don't go around telling people please.
Anyway, many of my birthdays have been spent at the Lagoon, mostly because it's at the beginning of the summer and everyone wants to hang outside. But recently, the Lagoon became The Deck. They are touting themselves as a "lounge". If you look at their website, it is quite misleading...we halfway expected swanky decor, couches, loungey-type music...but oh no no, it was the exact same thing as the Lagoon. Same bad cover bands, same trashy girls standing over giant beer buckets and same klassy clientele. Needless to say, we were quite relieved. Most of my friends made it out (and to those who couldn't, we'll be there all summer, trust me) and I even had a few surprise guests! It was an awesome night and we had so much fun...and thanks to Ali once again for playing photog when I got tired of carrying around my camera. Love ya!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

bippity boppity boo

This past weekend I was informed by my niece that Disney would be introducing a new princess this winter...and she really couldn't contain herself. Yeah, I know she's 6 years old and a new princess is pretty much the biggest thing in her life. But all I thought was, it's about time...because as far as I know, there hasn't been a new one in quite some time...I guess since Mulan..and I don't think she really gets the royal treatment that the rest of them do.

Anyway, I was curious because I have a not-so-secret affinity for tiaras, so I googled the newest Disney princess. Turns out she is Tiana, star of The Princess and the Frog and she's the first black princess ever...ok well she's the first black princess to be drawn up by Disney. So now you're in the know. But of course we can't forget my favorite black princesses...

And speaking of princesses, I came across this series of photos that I thought were kinda cool. It's called Fallen Princesses from photog Dina Goldstein...

Monday, June 22, 2009

grecian pretties

After honeymooning in Greece for two weeks, my best little buddy finally made it home. And look what she brought for me!

Ok, well she didn't exactly bring home this little Orla Kiely-esque change purse with me in mind. She brought it home for herself. But this weekend, I saw it and told her how much I loved it and asked her where she got it...secretly hoping she wouldn't say Greece. Yeah well, she did. So being as awesome as she is, she takes her money out of it and throws it at me, saying that I love it much more than she does, it only cost one euro and that I could have it. I put up feeble resistance but she was having none of it. So now it's mine. Don't you love her?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pre-Baby Bucket List - Adventure # 2

My brother has been begging me to go do this for years now…probably since I turned 17...errr…I mean 21 and realized that Yuengling Lager will always be my beer of choice. If you’re from the area, you know that you can walk into any bar, order just a lager and that they’ll hand you a Yuengling. That’s pretty impressive I think…but I’m a nerd.

Anyway, Yuengling Brewery is just a few hours away from us and they give tours! Yay beer! Beer from America’s oldest brewery! So it’s a history lesson and awesome beer all rolled into one. So this summer, I am determined that my brother Josh and I hit up the brewery tour and drink ourselves silly on sweet, delicious Yuengling lager. John suggested we hit up a Reading Phillies game while we’re out in the area but Josh and I just looked at him funny. Uhhh, what? Why would we leave the brewery? John’s priorities are so out of whack sometimes. However, as much we love a good day-trip, this one might have to turn into an overnighter….it’s gonna be that much of a good time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

speaking of babies

I now know what ours will look like, thanks to Volkswagon...and my friend Sarah. Go upload you and whoever's face into their baby-making machine and see what pops out. I think it only produces boys though...I only did it 15 times to check...Oh and I also tried making a baby with my friend Adrienne because I wanted to see a half Italian baby but the thing turned out so friggin ugly, John suggested finding the nearest river...terrible thing to say, hehehe. Anyway, without furthur ado, here is Sven...

I like his hair.

Go Make A Baby!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pre-Baby Bucket List - Adventure #1

So word on the street is that John, Sebbi and I may want to add another family member in the next year or so…I believe my pregnancy campaign manager (Kelly) coined the slogan “Sven in Ten” in regards to when I should be popping out an Ikea-loving bebe. No, Sven is not on my list of future baby-names, it just rhymes with 2010. It used to be “Caroline in ‘09” but that slogan got canned as soon as ’09 rolled around and I realized I didn’t want to be a pregnant matron-of-honor. Well, now that the wedding festivities are over, it’s open season on my uterus.

Anyway, I have decided that this may be my last summer sans kid, so I should apparently live it up. I like to think I’ll still be cool and go places when I have a kid but then I remember that I’m lazy and I get annoyed easily, so most likely I’ll be lugging the child around Target in spit-up-covered yoga pants every day.

I’ve been trying to think of things to do that are fun, sometimes involve more people than me and John, can be done on the weekends only and are cheap. So here is where I’ll share my ideas and hopefully it will make us more inclined to actually do them…you know, I don’t want to look flakey to my four blog-readers...yes, that’s you! So this is what I’m calling my Pre-Baby Bucket List.

Ok, so first up is my desire to simply, drive to the Chesapeake and eat crabs on a dock. Or deck. Restaurant deck. Either of these places, I just want to watch boats, eat crabs, drink beers and walk around a cutesy town then get ice cream. This desire leads me to a trip here…

Solomons Island, Maryland
Photo Credit: Flickr
According to some hokey website, Solomons Island is a major boating center located at the mouth of the Patuxent River, in southern Calvert County, Maryland. Solomons offers several full service marinas, shops, restaurants, museums, and a boardwalk overlooking the Patuxent.

Boats – Check
Crabs – Check
Beers – Check
Ice Cream – Check
Boardwalk – Bonus!

If you know of a more picturesque, cutesier town on the Chesapeake, have suggestions or want to come with, give me a holler.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my official downhill slide to 30

is today. It's my birthday! 29. Yikes. To commiserate with me, feel free to send any of these my way

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

85 in 09

This past weekend, we celebrated my Nan’s 85th Birthday

She's quite possibly the cutest dressed, quick-witted woman I've ever met.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

mini makeover results: the bathroom

Friends, meet our downstairs bathroom. This bathroom is located off of our kitchen and is one of the many quirks that our house offers. First of all it is a full bathroom, split in half by a wall and features not one, but two vanities. Why? I'm not sure. As you can see below, one side features a vanity and commode while the other has the shower and another vanity, plus light fixture and medicine cabinet. And it was oh so friggin boring. I decided to light a fire under the asses of my husband and my brother to get this thing made over in 2 week's time. And they came through.

The first step was to paint...and this baby took 3 coats of Laura Ashley Apple 6. Next, they removed the drop ceiling and hideous lighting that can be seen in this post. They put up new drywall, some trim that isn't quite flush because face it, the house is 89 years old and added a new light fixture.

Next I called in my neighborhood handyman and had him install our toilet of choice. I'm not sure why anyone, anywhere, would ever choose a standard height toilet. Don't you feel like your sitting down in a kindergartener's desk? I searched high and low for an inexpensive mirror that wasn't boring. I found this Trapeze mirror at Target for $40...as well as the cheapy $20 shelving. I added some white towels from Home Goods' clearance section, some other green things I had laying around the house and voila, I love it.

The next step was to clear out the tub of all extra pillows and frames that I've yet to put away. This is a logical place to store them, correct? Anyway, the only things I had to do in here were add the $12 Home Goods shower curtain and once again question why there is another vanity...and so close to the shower?? Wierd.

So there you have it, a finished-for-the-time-being bathroom makeover.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the new mr & mrs

My little girl got married on Saturday. Ha, as if you didn't know that! Anyway, from a bridesmaid P.O.V. everything went smoothly and beautifully and they really did have a perfect day. And when I say that it was the best wedding ever, I am not lying. Ok, so I've only been to a handful of weddings but whatev, this one wins, hands down. There are so many amazing pictures floating around out there, from our camera and from the hundreds posted on facebook, so I just picked a few of my faves. And to commemorate the day, here our my

Top 10 Favorite Things about Kelly & Jeff's Wedding...that have nothing to do with the pictures, so don't get confused.

10. The Location: University of Penn, gorgeous campus with so many great backgrounds for pics

9. The Bridesmaid Dress: It really did look awesome on everyone, and more importantly was damn comfy
8. The After Party: New Deck Tavern, lots of shennanigans that won't be disclosed :)

7. The Chaplain: he performed a beautiful ceremony and used the phrase "You roll deep" when talking about how many people were there to see them get married. How awesome is that?

6. Kelly & Jeff's Friends: The ones I've met before, the ones I hadn't...they're all awesome and I loved meeting them and hanging out. They really do surround themselves with some damn fun people.
5. Jimmy D: The infamous bartender who got fired that night. This dude was hammered during cocktail hour! He kept mixing the wrong drinks, forgetting what people ordered and I do believe he followed the bride into the ladies room...what a guy

4. Betrayal by my Groomsman Partner: Oh Jamie, I will never forgive you. When the neurotic planner in me needed to know how we were going to behave when we were introduced at the reception and you told me to be serious, I believed you. Then you went crazy on the dancefloor and I stood and cried. We’re done Jamie, d-o-n-e. Hmmmm, Jamie doesn’t read my blog so I’m not sure why I’m addressing him.

3. Toasts: After the best man, Mike D one-upped Katie & I by memorizing his speech, Katie and I delivered ours and were met by mountains of praise. However I never would have delivered it quite as good if I hadn't been coached by my new buds, Marissa and Hilary. Before my speech, they kept handing me champagne and I kept downing it. I went through 2 glasses before I realized they were giving it to me so that I would have something to toast K & J with.

2. The Cake: Or more importantly, after the traditional feeding of the cake between the bride and groom, there was the untraditional shoving of the cake from the groom into my face. Somehow that was the only cake I ate that night, boo!

1. No More Dewee: You know how some people are defined by their name? Well that’s Kelly, or Dewee to be more precise. And although I’m sad that she’s not a Dewee anymore, the fact that she’s got this kid’s last name makes me very happy. I love Jeff almost as much as Kelly and I am so happy for them both. *sheds a tear*

Ok, wedding talk over and out.


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