Friday, February 6, 2009

flashback friday - punxsatawney phil edition

Ok so it's a few days past groundhog's day and i didn't celebrate like i should have this year but I present to you...Groundhog's day 2007. Kelly & I met up with Lisa in Atlantic City for the night, got the cheapest room we could find that didn't have a communal bathroom and hit the town. Well first we realized it was Groundhog's day and decided we had to celebrate appropriately. So being the freaks that we are, we made groundhog garnish picks...

& groundhog beer cups...

and came up with our Groundhog's day slogan

"It's Groundhog's day and We do what we want!"

then we made asses out of ourselves at the bar & took lots of myspace pics

then this happened.

the end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i was in the mood to blog but had nothing to blog about, therefore you get a Facebook 25 Random Things X-Post. Sorry kids.

1. I love coffee but don’t own a coffeemaker and wouldn’t have the 1st clue how to operate one.

2. My mom is often referred to as a saint and as the pope because she’s simply the nicest human on earth.

3. I enjoy a nice cardigan sweater.

4. I once moved to the middle of nowhere Illinois for 2 years and it turns out, I wasn’t a fan.

5. Every year, I put a lot of thought into what my office wall calendar will say about me.

6. Since losing some weight, I’ve become an old lady and my hands are always freezing.

7. I don’t listen to new music which really aggravates Kelly.

8. I hate wearing shoes and/or socks. The flip flop is my friend.

9. I have an obsession with polka dots but talk myself out of buying things covered in them for fear of becoming a freak.

10. My brother is the first person I call for medical advice and I’ve gotten over sharing all sorts of embarrassing afflictions.

11. I own 3 crockpots and have used them all of once.

12. Wayne’s World is my favorite movie ever.

13. My BFF credits me for saving her life when she had a bleeding brain, it’s kind of an honor.

14. I met my husband at the Lagoon. Go ahead, laugh.

15. MY biggest pet peeve is bad customer service and I combat it with loud passive aggressiveness.

16. I despise cats except for the one that lives in my house.

17. I work in a strange industry and don’t know how to describe my job to anyone. I say Marketing.

18. I think Rock of Love/Bus is the greatest show ever invented.

19. My 1st curling iron was defective and burned a chunk of my hair off. Since my aunt’s a lawyer, we obviously sued Vidal Sassoon. I think they wrote me an apology letter and that was the end of it.

20. I hate sports games but enjoy the hoopla that surrounds them.

21. I would give anything right now for a pork and pineapple quesadilla from La Cucharacha

22. I like my shopping carts organized, won’t let John help put stuff on the conveyor belt and will kindly ask the bagging kid to step aside.

23.I always forget that I have a god-awful tattoo.

24. I believe it’s completely appropriate to bust out Catholic hymns at the bar.

25. Sarah and I once drove a large stick around Lansdowne. By drive, I mean walked. We stopped at Eckerd to get Mickey Mouse wallets.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

we're totally getting matching shirts

Saturday night we it up the local bowling alley for John's birthday. John loves bowling, my friends love bowling "lounges" so it was pretty much the perfect match. Of course, all of my "action" shots turned out like crap so I've got nothing but posed shots. I'm sure Sarah did much better, I think I saw her laying on the lanes at some point...

classy bunch...

It turned out to be so much fun between the cougar trainwreck at the bar, the hardcore bowling alley technician with his black leather gloves, the 10 year old effeminate boys and Adrienne's crazy bowling talent. Who knew she's been spending all of her unemployed days at the lanes? She's a regular Roy Munson.



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