Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my baking apprentice

Not sure if there is anything worse than baking 2 dozen cupcakes that you’re not allowed to eat. In this case, Adrienne and I spent a couple hours baking this weekend in preparation for John’s birthday party on Sunday night. I bought the cutest blue & white polka dot plates at Target, so of course I had to have cake-muffins to match. Seriously, they turned out so cute!

Friday, January 23, 2009

things i need

Ok, so you know i'm a sucker for amazing handwriting and felt a twang of jealousy when I saw this girl's shop on etsy, lettergirl. I'm in love with her address stamps, you have to check out all her awesome little fonts, how to choose? I'm partial to this one.

I also realized I'm going to need some of these soon...They're from Shredlines and seriously, how freakin clever? and easy too. Why didn't I come up with this idea?

and obviously, our new house needs a smoking gnome...

the gnome comes from PhenomeGnome


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