Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Always Right...Always

Customer Service. Let me just say I'm a big fan. Or maybe I should clarify that...I'm a proponent of good customer service. It stems from a few that my Ma raised me with manners. P's and Q's if you will. In addition, I worked my way through high school and college in customer service positions: retail, admin & the worst of the worst, waitressing. Even now, while I don't deal with customers per se, my bosses kinda prefer if I'm polite to the people I deal with at work. But even outside of work, I think I'm pretty polite when it comes to customer service interactions. If I happen to be on the phone when it's my turn at the register, I ask the person to hold on or tell them I'll call them back. I always look my cashier/waitress in the eye and talk to them like a normal person. I say please, thank you, have a good one...all of it. If I can do it, so can you. And by you, I'm mostly talking to the cashier at Anthropologie today. Oh and to the Target Yeller too.

I went to Anthro a few weeks ago and bought a skirt and a tank top. I put them on the counter and the little darling says, "Are you going to wear these together?" in what could be described as a disapproving tone. "Uh, yeah", I respond. And that was the end of the conversation. She didn't look me in the eye once, barely said a word other than the little gem above and the exorbitant total. This run-in bothered me. Has she seen where she works? Had she seen what she put on that morning? There are some crazy get-ups in that store...and the outfit I chose totally went together. If anything, it was too matchy-matchy. What's her deal??

I went back today to return the shirt. I found one I liked better at H&M, and for about $40 less. Guess who is the only one at the counter? When it's my turn, I wait to be asked if she can help me. I never rush the counter, I'm try to be polite, maybe they have something they have to do in between customers, who knows. Anyway, she just stares at me. I guessed this was her "Can I help you" riff. (Name that movie).

I told her I wanted to return the shirt. She says nothing. She scans the tag. She punches a few keys. She writes on the receipt. She points to the credit card machine and says "Swipe". She hands me my receipt. I leave.

Not happy. I did not like that girl. I did not like the service. I prefer a smile at least...and maybe, you know, some words exchanged. And the "having a bad day" excuse doesn't fly. Not a few weeks apart. I checked for a nametag on both her and the receipt to no avail. So what do I do now? I can't call up and ask for the manager and tell them "yeah, you know, the frigid bitchy blonde at the register...yeah, she was rude". I guess I'll let it go. But I really feel like people should be called out on these things. Right? Like, don't work retail if you can't form that little pretty face of yours into a smile.

Oh and before you go thinking I'm all sunshine and butterflies when I'm out shopping, let me just say this. If I'm dealing with some bad, and I mean, bad service, I will pull out some heavy passive aggression. It's my preferred response. It usually occurs there's a combination of bad/rude service and being forced to wait a ridiculous amount of time. This gives me both the motivation and the time to stand there, thinking of a good passive response. But I won't deal it out until it's what I'm dealt. I give my cashier/waitress/receptionist every opportunity to do it right. And when they don't? Well, that really grinds my gears. (Name that show).


Emily said...

Oh, I feel for you, bad customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves. I once stood in line at Crate and Barrel. The woman was flitting around not checking people out quickly. When it was my turn, she called a woman standing behind me to come forward instead of me. I was freaking livid. When she finally got to me I actually spoke up: "Is there a reason why you helped someone standing behind me in line before you helped me?" And do you know what she said? "She's a friend". It took everything in my power to not lose it right then and there. It's unbelievable how unprofessional so many people can be.

Rachael said...

Wow... humm I would have been a wee bit more sarcastic than you for sure. Bad customer service makes my blood boil! Actually just rude people in general, Like if I hold the door open and the person I held it for just walks through it with out saying thank you I always make sure to say excuse me mrs... chilvery is dead because of bitches like you or something to that manner... ugh

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh what a horrible experience. Throughout college I worked retail at Nordstrom. They make sure all of their employees are very strong on CS and I always took it to heart doing my very best with everyone that came in. I go in that same Nordstrom now and things have simply changed. No welcoming smile, or thank you.

I like you always try to be super friendly to all of the people I meet. So it's always annoying when we are not treated the same.

If I saw that shop girl again I would totally ask for her name and say something to manager! Who knows she probably is the manager!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course that show would be Family Guy. Ooo...piece of candy... Gotta run

LizzieBeth said...

Seriously? What was her problem? Did she have some sense of entitlement because she was working at some super-hip boutique? Umm, it's Anthro, and you are making minium wage. Let me get you a step ladder so you can come down off you high horse.

Whatevs. You are a better person than me because I would have been so snarky back to her.

..then again, I would have taken the free Spookytown building from Michaels. hehe

Reginald von Awesome said...

there is no excuse for poor service. ever. if you cant feign human emotions or courtesy for the 10 minutes intervals you have a customer, you should get into something else.

i seriously, seriously hate that.

i told a TD bank supervisor to go f___ herself yesterday. i held it together as long as i could. i retaliate with poor manners now. i dont even try to be the better person.

Sarah Mahalo said...

In instances such as these, it takes EVERY OUNCE of restraint not to dive over the counter and slap a bish. I've always wanted to...but I don't want to go to jail for assault and battery over some cookies.

I wish I was there when Regan told the TDbanker to F____ herself. I love.

I love captchas: hamosiv is today's.

Freckles Chick said...

I would have been all "Well, your FACE doesn't go w/ YOUR outfit." Then Anthro would have been all "Security!" and I would have been all "banned from the store".

Seriously though, I used to manage an A&F store and it was like pulling teeth trying to get my staf to be gracious & polite. What is wrong w/ people?!

bethany said...

Bad service is the PITS. Whenever I encounter that, I always sing a little sing-song in my head that goes like this..."I totally make more money that you...and therefore that makes me better..." Okay. I know that's a terrible thought and is obviously NOT true, but it is TRUTHFULLY the only thing that keeps me from flying over the counter and killing me some biatch when an employee at a retail store isn't being the shining beacon of friendliness which they should.

Boo, Anthro. Serious boo.


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