Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Housewarming Week!

Welcome to Housewarming Week at Wellington Manor! We’re having our official h-warming bash this coming Saturday so I figured all this week, I’d give you the 10 cent tour. Each day I’ll give you a glimpse inside our 89 year old house so you can see what we’ve been up to for the past 3 months since moving in….besides drinking beers on our back step. Oh and keep in mind that I am seriously lacking as a photographer so all pics are totally sub-par, forgive me.

Also in honor of Housewarming Week, I’m hosting my first giveaway! Well 3 giveaways actually. The first prize up for grabs is from an adorable little Etsy shop,
ModDiva. Jo and her mother create fun pillows, handbags, checkbook covers, etc... with gorgeous fabric. So you have your choice of three fun little accent pillows...ok well, they're actually pillow covers but whatev. So if you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, just leave a comment by Tuesday at 9pm EST, telling me about your favorite part of your house.

Plus, if you hook me up with a mention on your blog & let me know about it, you get another win.

So let’s start with one of my favorite parts of our new casa, the living room. When we moved in, we decided that we loved the grayish-green paint that was already on the walls and if you know us, we hate to paint, so it stayed. I was concerned however, about how our existing living room furniture would work in that room. We have dark gray sectional and I was convinced it would clash with the walls and make the room too dark. Well I was right. But it was too late, we weren’t going to paint and the sofa was staying. Plus, we had a giant silver TV that also had to stay put, mostly because it was too heavy to move elsewhere. So I channeled my inner T. Gunn and tried to make it work.

Oh and this room photographs horribly...hmmm maybe because it's too dark?

So how about this for a color palette: gray, black, aqua and gold? The gold started with the curtains I ordered from JC Penney. Online, the background looked platinum yet when they arrived on my doorstop, they were a muted gold. But somehow this gold-hater actually liked them. And decided to keep them. Next came the cream, gold and aqua ottoman/bench from HomeGoods that quickly became our coffee table. Suddenly things were tying in with each other and I wasn’t totally appalled by looking at the room.

Side Tables: Target

Lamps: JC Penney

Mirror: Ikea

Gold Pillows: Home Goods

Aqua Pillows: ModDiva via Etsy

Let’s move to the other side of the staircase to the dining room. It’s connected via the front wall of the house to the living room, so it was painted the same color. Again, we were fine with this. Unfortunately this room has taken a backseat to every other room. Aside from moving our furniture in and throwing a few accessories around, nothing has been done. I’m having curtain ADD and cannot for the life of me, choose one for this room. Plus the room bows out on the side of the house, making the curtain rod placement a little bit of a challenge.

oh and I just realized after arranging this whole post that I left a ball of white curtains on the chair...I'm not really good at this, am I?

It’s also my mission to change out the light fixture. The lovely couple that we bought the house from had a contracting business so all of our fixtures are contractor-grade…I think they all came in a 6 pack because we’ve got another one of these in our breakfast room. I’ve got my eye on a Drum shade chandelier from Restoration Hardware and its cheaper twin on Overstock. As soon as the Dining room budget appears, I’ll get my little wishes.

But oh look! We’ve got a barn door, isn’t it adorable? This is one of two in the house, and along with the original hardwoods, let me know just how old this little house is…and I love it even more.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow to go through that little barn door for a look into the family room!


thelifeoffizzbo said...

Ahh I can't wait to hear all about your housewarming!!! Bri and I are planning one for the end of August so I'm excited to see how yours goes! One thing we do have out of the way already is liquor (this won't be a dry housewarming, that's for sure ;)). One of my co-workers decided that she and her husband don't need their liquor collection anymore so she graciously donated it to our h-warming fund. We have like 10 bottles of nice (Grey Goose, 2 fingers, Seagrams) stuff. I also HIGHLY recommend making peach-basil white wine sangria.
This stuff is AMAZING and I guarantee your guests will love it. It is easy to make in large batches too.
Can't wait to see the rest of the house pics!
Eeek that was a long post. Back to the grind! Cheers :)

Jess said...

Your house looks great! Can't wait to see more of it. Lovin' those pillows too, the green & white would be perfect in my sunroom!


Sarah Mahalo said...

Excellent work.

As for dinning room stuffs- I got some really decent drapes at the Christmas Tree Shop last weekend. Have you ever been there? I thought it was going to be a bad combination of Value City and FiveBelow...but I was wrong. Not too bad.

The pillows are pretty. But you're familiar with my predicament. Either way, my favorite part of my house is my garden. Flowers pop up at different times of the year and it's a nice surprise to look out the window in the summer to see the pinks and yellows. And the toad likes it too. We have a toad.

Emily said...

So fun! I love your living and dining rooms - that color is fabulous. And the round side table with the great glass base lamp? LOVE! Good luck with your housewarming party, just remember that if you're serving people free food and beverages, it can't be bad :).

For your dining room - I think that the bones are there - great color, great pieces. Maybe a little talbescaping with some bright white pottery to really play off the trim would lighten the room a bit. Can't wait to see the rest!

I have to enter to win a pillow too! My favorite part of our house is our living room - it's cozy, bright and the gathering spot for sure!

Hoping I'll win Poppa Pump said...

My favorite part of the living room is the berber carpet. So luxurious!!

But call me Carrie. said...

After my gigantor post I realized I DIDN'T EVEN ENTER YOUR GIVE-AWAY!! And I <3 pillows, so I can't believe I did that. Anywho, here I am from my new and improved Blogger page. My favorite space in good ole Fizzie has got to be our dining room. We bought the house from a fabulous gay couple and they were kind enough to sell us the entire dining room set for $500. That includes a table for 6, a buffet, and a huge china cabinet. They sold the house to go live on a boat, so they couldn't exactly take the stuff with them. And, even better, it all looks BANGING (what can I say, they have great taste) and we didn't have to move all that heavy stuff an inch. We don't have a breakfast area so we spend a lot of time in the dining room - eating, playing cards, chasing cats, and making mixed drinks. Great job on your decor - I think it all looks great! You have such a cute and fab house!!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I'm so excited that you are showing off your home! I love this! Can't wait to go back and re-read it all over again. Love the new look as well!

Ramona said...

I love that last pillow. It's very Art Nouveau. It would look great with my very mod accent pillows that are on my favorite part of my house, which is my couch. I love it because this is where I spend quality time with my husband and family (pets). It would add the perfect ecletic mix that I am always looking for.


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