Tuesday, August 4, 2009

House Tour - the Family Room + the Breakfast Room

Ok, let's get down to business. Our family/breakfast room is an addition put onto the back of the original house. It boasts no less than 13 electrical outlets. Remember I told you the old owner was a contractor? He left no wall un-electrified. Anyway, the reason why I love these rooms is because of what I see them for in the future. This is where my future kiddos hang out, where we'll open Christmas presents, where we'll have movie night...It's open to the breakfast room where we'll eat cereal in the morning and play Cranium at night. And the kitchen overlooks both rooms. This is one of the main reasons we snagged this house.

So once again, we kinda liked the paint the old owners had going on. In person, it's a very light gray, bordering on tan. I knew I wanted red curtains in there before we even moved in. And I love how they look. We sprung for new furniture for this room because basically, we had nothing to put in here! All of the furniture came from an itty bitty Ashley furniture dealer in our area, called Avanti Interiors. The couple that own the showroom, Michele and Leo, were quite possibly the nicest people ever. They spent hours tracking down exactly what we wanted and even placed our order before we gave them a cent. That is the definition of good people.

And how bout those pillows, eh? Recognize em? You, my darlings, picked them and I obeyed. The best part is that when I went to Pier One to grab them, one of them accidentally had a 25% off tag attached when it wasn't supposed to. So you know what happened...Originally $29.99 and got all 4 for $22.49 each,thankyouverymuch. You guys did good, I think they look awesome.

I also spent days upon days searching for *the* perfect area rug. Ohhhh did you notice the contractor grade berber rugs that permeate our house? Yup, same in every room. At least they go with everything. Anyway, I scored this rug at Ikea and it serves it's purpose. I also brought home quite a few lamps before discovering these puppies at Lowe's for about $30 less than every other one I brought home.

The table is another one of my faves...an Ikea score. BUT, it's real wood! So it was going for more than the usual $149. I think it was originally $299 but the day we went, we found out that they had no more. I was almost in tears. Seriously, I like it that much. Luckily, after a quick perusal of the crappy As-Is section, we found the same table for $149 plus an extra 10% discount for being there between 3 and 5 pm on a Saturday. Sweet. It was even already put together, which we know is half the battle of Ikea furniture. Anyway, I went cheapy with the kitchen table & chairs because I expect it to get beat up by my future hellions.

Tomorrow, we'll take a trip to the place to the magical land of the takeout menu.

I'll be riding my unicorn.

Oh and win a pillow!


Sarah Mahalo said...

Thank you for this: 4 for $22.49. I like pillows...but HATE how much they cost- which is why we need to get our throw pillow business up and running.

You've inspired me to do a deal of the day too.

Emily said...

Love that table! I can picture big family dinners there. I'll bring my future bambinos over to play cranium around that fabulous table with your future hellions. Sound good? K, great.

Again, gorgeous. You have quite an eye for style!

Karen said...

Your home is beautiful!!! I love the pier one pillows, great find!!!!

Isrut said...

Like a page out of a magazine!

bethany said...

Seriously...making my week here. Love it all!

Buzzed on a Tuesday night Poppa Pump said...

Seriously, Bethany. Can you fly in for the weekend? You will have a great time exploring Shannon's homestead, as well as enjoying the awesome hoedown we will be hosting! I love the fact that Shannon used the word, "hellions" in a sentance. She better hope that her eventual offspring are as polite as my troop. Josh 2.0 says, " Wazzup?" Lydie bomb says, "Sebbi!!!!"

Shannon said...

Thanks for the compliments guys! And Josh, stop being internet-creepy, kthxbye.

EK said...

I could die for your dining room set-up. I absolutely love it. And the living room looks both classy & comfy at the same time. As a matter of fact, you'll see me snuggled there with a Cheslea Handler book in 3...2...


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