Friday, August 21, 2009

Eight Awesome August Must-Haves


1. Dexter on DVD: I’ve only got a few weeks left of nothing on TV except for Millionaire Matchmaker so I’m trying to fit as much TV-on-DVD in as possible. Wait, did I just admit I like that show? Crap. Anyway, my boss lent me season one a couple weeks ago and now I’m hooked on Dexter. While his sister on the show drives me up a wall, I find his crazy ass so endearing. Also included in our mad dash to watch everything ever made: Weeds and True Blood.

2. Petal Shirt from Ann Taylor LOFT: Have you seen this thing? So adorable and it comes in like 8 colors. Have 1, need 7 more.

3. Halloween Costumes!: We already have our invite for Katie’s Halloween party so now comes the 2 months of brainstorming and planning that will go into our costumes. Luckily I may have an idea already, however the components may be a bit difficult to find.

4. My Dentist: A few weeks ago I started having a toothache. I hate the dentist so I’m one of those dirtballs who puts off going. But at my brother’s insistence, I went to his dentist. I apparently need a crown. My new hot-in-a-hippie-Jesus-sorta way dentist assures me that this will solve the problem. We’ll see, Dr. Patchouli, we’ll see.

5. New Phone!: Ugggh after a long wo years, I was finally eligible for an upgrade. QWERTY? Nice to meet you. I’ve been eyeing you up for years but would never put out the money for you. But now, you’re mine. I got a cute little Samsung Rant. I chose it mostly because I like to say the word “rant”. It’s a fun word.

6. OPI Shorts Story: I’ve been wearing blood red nail polish on my toes since I switched from Tinkerbell nail polish to grown-up polish. Does anyone remember Tinkerbell kiddie make-up? Loved that shit. Anyway, I switched it up. Bright pink. Granted, it looks a lot better on tan feet than my usual pasty white ones but whatev, I like it, it’s peppy. And sassy.

7. Margaritas: Oh like you couldn’t see that one coming. It really is my beverage of choice these days. Now if only Wawa sold them in to-go cups…

8. Sookie Stackhouse: Ok seriously, I’m reading them and watching the show at the same time and have confused the hell out of myself. But the books are short little pups and are only $7.99 at Borders. Did you know that I prefer to buy all my books? I’m not sure why. Luckily, UNLIKE MY HUSBAND, I re-read the majority of my books over and over again. If I don’t like the book, I’ll it.

Oh and speaking of my HUSBAND, I'd like to welcome him to my blog. It's only been 2 years and he's just now decided to start checking it out. He used to say " I don't have to read it, I live it". Then the other day he realized that while I shared something (who knows what) with the blog world, I had neglected to actually tell him. Oh well, if that's what it takes. So welcome, Weenie & the Butt, I'm glad you're here.


LizzieBeth said...

Ok, MUST know what your Halloween costume is. I'm a HUGE fan of this holiday. JEGs and I are thinking Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny, but I don't know if I have the gnads to walk around practically naked all night.

Dentists suck. At least yours sounds cooler than mine- Dr HistoryText teaches me about the Civil War while cleaning my teeth.

QWERTY keyboards are the best. Just got the LG Xenon for my birthday. Loves it.

Lisa said...

Did you know that in real life, Dexter married the girl who plays his sister? ew. I just bought a 7 book set of the sookie stackhouse series for $28 on Amazon.

Emily said...

Oh, this is my perfect summer in a nutshell. Well, minus the dentist.

Sarah Mahalo said...

I am missing two toe nails. So it ALWAYS looks like I did a shoddy job painting.

Oh well.


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