Thursday, August 6, 2009

House Tour - the Master & the Little Library

Have you noticed the pattern yet of us not painting anything when we moved into this house? Because we've done it again...or not done it. whatever, I'm confusing myself. Anyway, this is our master bedroom and when we met it, it was light gray. Obviously a fan, I once again reassured John that no painting would be required in this room either. Again, I'm gaining points with him to be used on hot tub persuasion.

This is our old bedroom furniture. We bought it before we got married and luckily we still love it. Our old bedroom was much larger than the new one so we were a little anxious that our beloved furniture wouldn't fit. But just like so many other things in this new house of ours, it fits perfectly. The lamps are also on the older side but I still love em. Once again, Lowes came through for me with the lighting. The duvet cover and shams are a whole other story. Last year, during Target's Home Design event, or whatever the hell they call it when they bring in fun house stuff then mark it to Clearance weeks later, I scored this set. It was originally $139.99. I waited until the shelves were clear, the aisles were minimized to one and the next seasonal merchandise event was being shelved. I scored my duvet set for $24.99. It's perfect. and I love it. And when I decide to change things up sooner rather than later, I won't feel bad about spending a fortune. Yay!

Was I supposed to photoshop my hamper out of the picture? Woops.

And my bone of contention with this old house...

Lack of closet space. Yes, they are charming to look at but they are begging for a makeover. There are built-in shelves in there that are seriously cumbersome and while the cutesy little storage areas at the top are indeed cutesy, I can't reach them without a stool and that's just not convenient. Our old master bedroom had, count em, three (3!) full size closets, so I had room to spread out. These days, I'm folding a lot more than hanging and cursing a lot more than smiling at my former abundance of storage space.

Moving back our little library. This is pretty much a hallway that connects the living and family rooms and was used as a toyroom by the former owners. It will most likely become a toyroom in the future as well because it's tucked away on the side out of the house, out of view. And that's the way we like our toys around here...out of view.

It features one window and a couple of built-in shelves, which have turned out to be perfect for my scrapbooks...

and not quite big enough for my brown Ikea storage boxes. Inside these boxes? Board games. Where else do you store these things when you have 8 million of them? Like every version of Trivial Pursuit ever invented?

Have you grown tired of my affinity for pre-fab furniture yet? No? Good. Because I adore storage cubbies. In fact, I adore the word cubby. It reminds me of kindergarten, when you'd store your safety scissors, glue stick and smock in your very own cubby. Anyway, inside the cubbies are things that othewise, would have no home. Decks of cards, camera cords, extra picture frames, dead hookers, extras shot glasses etc...

And what little library is complete without a spot to sit your butt and relax and pretend to read? Storage ottoman and pillow both from Target.

So there you have it...tune in tomorrow for our House Tour Finale + another giveaway! Tomorrow I'll invite you to be my guest and pay my bills. And don't forget to leave a comment here to enter yesterday's giveaway!


Sarah Mahalo said...

What are those lovely little birds flying across your bedroom wall? I want.

Gimme. I'll trade you a bottle of iced tea vodka.

Lisa said...


Sarah Mahalo said...

I love dead hookers.

Benny said...

Hey Shannon! You won a candle on my blog Head over there and check it out! E-mail me your address and I'll send it ASAP

Karen said...

So pretty, love the master!

bethany said...

Can I come over and nap at your place? I love those fluttery little dudes on your wall.

FYI...the people are eagerly awaiting Housewarming Party pictures. I know it's only Monday, but you've become my daily "lunch" read!


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