Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2:15 AM Came Pretty Darn Early

But I didn't care. My goal was to be on the beach in Jersey in time for sunrise. And we did it. We were on the road by 3 am and were on the beach by first light.

We were joined by my goofy brother Josh and our friend Madelyn...troopers they are.

We came prepared...

and watched this bad boy...purty, isn't it?

did the obligatory trying-not-to-look-posed sunrise walk...

then decided to hit the boardwalk for our bike ride. I'd never been to the boardwalk this early and man, is it depressing. doesn't it look like it's horror movie-ready?


Well, I can now successfully say that I've watched the sun rise over the slightly pretty but medical-waste-strewn beaches of southern New Jersey along with an early AM bike ride on the boards. Done and done.

Thanks to my peeps for making the trip with me, we had so so many laughs that included Madelyn's inability to actually ride a bike properly (apparently, it's not just like riding a bike!), a delicious breakfast in a diner that smelled like a litter box and a very non-PC conversation-filled ride home. Except for the litter box, that's my kinda trip.

Thank you Wildwood for hosting my first of many
We bid you adieu.


lisa said...


LizzieBeth said...

Bailey's and Coffee.

Shannon, you are my kinda girl :)
Looks like a blast. I'm headed to LBI in two weeks and I can.not.wait.


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