Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just a little somethin...

Ok, so even though it took me 40 minutes to find my camera cord and another half an hour to unload garden tools, making things cute in the house is a priority. In fact, on moving day, I decided my porch needed a little something. So even though the house looks like a bomb went off inside, it makes me happy when I pull in the driveway and see my half-assed porch makeover.

We picked up the red storage bench from JC Penney Outlet online, only $99! Sure, it's probably not meant to sit outdoors and I probably should have shellacked it or something to protect it from the elements but I am extremely impatient (or lazy) so outside it went!

The green mat is from Target and it was the 1st thing I bought when we put a bid on our house back in November. I'm not thrilled with the red and green look but I love them both too much to part with either. Moving on...the white ceramic table was a steal from HomeGoods for $40. Sitting on top is the most adorable little red bird that I found in Lowe's outdoor section for $8. It's a whole lotta unexpected cute from Lowe's.

The kid? She came from my brother and is my official dandelion picker.

So, it's a start. As soon as things calm down a bit, I can get my new light fixture installed, my black shutters put on and some purty plants and flowers a potted. So stay tuned for more improvements.


Lisa said...

Nice makeover.Want to come do something with the dirt pile i call a backyard?

bethany said...

Gorgeous finds! I think people who have a bench on their porch are at least 25% classier than those who don't. :)

I've been wanting one of those ceramic garden stools, but haven't yet snatched one up.

Mom said...

Muff, I love the red bench. It makes quite a difference for the outlook. Yes, it should be shellacked.


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