Monday, November 24, 2008


Did I mention we bought a new house?!?!? In like the quickest deal ever, the whole shebang (the house going up, us checking it out, making an offer, them accepting it) happened in one week. We have our inspections this Friday then we settle in January. I am beyond happy. Stoked, even. I cannot wait to move to this house, it’s got everything I wanted.

John and I started mentally-decorating the new family room this weekend. We hit up all the normal furniture stores in the area, except Raymour and Flanigan, because I despise them. Anyway, we were up in Plymouth Meeting so I was able to convince John to go to Ikea. I know, on a Saturday afternoon? I’m askin for it. Anyway, as we were following the arrows around the store, I realized that I finally don’t like their stuff anymore. I was always an Ikea fan, not only for their cheapness, but I really did like the style of their stuff. But no more. Apparently, I’ve got new taste…I just have to figure out what that is…

In other news, two of my faves got engaged this weekend! And I’m gonna be a bridesmaid! Yay!

Congrats Katie & Andy! Oh and I totally stole this pic from facebook. Nice pic.

Oh and Josh, thanks for dropping off the dvd. Sorry I missed ya, I was at the aforementioned stores when you called.

Monday, November 17, 2008

If you blog it, it will come...

So apparently my blog is the Field of Dreams. Seriously, over the weekend we met our new neighbors who seemed nice then we went and found a house. It went up on the market last week and we've been through it twice (once with the inlaws) so far and we're totally in love with it. It's the perfect location, school district, price, etc...It's a 74 yr old farm house that has been totally updated and is just gorgeous inside. They've put so much work into it and it shows. It looks like we're gonna put together an offer tomorrow night and we're so excited! Cross your fingers that this works out, this looks like the one!


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