Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

which is top-secret and will not be revealed until after Katie & Andy's party this Saturday...and I hope to not have to say this behind someone's back....

Friday, October 24, 2008

i'll take that. and that. and one of those...

Yup, tomorrow is officially 2 months until Christmas. Every year, same freak out. One of the most stressful tasks of the hollyday season, in my opinion, is the assembling of the Wish List. It should be fun and easy, you’d think. Breaking out your nice clean pad of paper, locating the perfect pen. C’mon, you know how important a pen that writes nice is, don’t ya? I know you do Kel. Then you proceed to list all the things you want for Christmas. A sweater, a pair of earrings, some candles, a new set of sheets. Or when you were little, you’d grab the Sears Wish Book ( take a moment of silence ) and a pen and circle things you want. Or in the later years, add a check mark to the box they already provided for you. Oh it was and should be one of the best parts of Christmas!

But no. It’s kind of daunting, and dare I say, annoying. In order to avoid the inevitable trip to the mall on Dec 26th to return the crap you were given, it’s probably a good idea these days to be as specific as possible. Here is the sweater I want. It’s from this store. Here is the link. It’s located in this mall should you want to don your Santa hat and head out on black Friday like the rest of those freaks. (btw, im one of those freaks, just without the hat) Oh and here is the size, color and even a coupon for you to use when purchasing my sweater. Well that kind of takes all the fun out of opening gifts, doesn’t it? It’s the age-old debate that goes through my head every year…do I want to get something I wanted (and kind of expected) or do I want to keep trying to re-live my magical Christmastime youth? (and be surprised)

And because a man found me suitable for marriage, I get to do this task twice. He just will not do it. He might say he would do it but it would never happen. And trying to get a list out of him is ridiculously hard. He doesn’t wish for anything. He doesn’t want sweaters or candles or sheets. He doesn’t even want tools or a robe or a tie or any other stereotypical man gift. Oh wait, he wants Home Depot gift cards. That’s it. Try telling everyone who asks that all he wants is HD gift cards. It won’t fly.

Yes, we are extremely lucky that so many lovely people want to even give us Christmas gifts at all. And probably even luckier that they ask for a list at all. I just wish there was an Adult Wish Book with toys I could just check off. This year, I’ll take the Holiday Barbie, the game Clue and the air hockey table. Please. Thank you Santa.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

man, i wanna be in college again

Our trip to Homecoming this past weekend was a good one. We took our own little tour of J's old stomping grounds. We wandered the halls of the fine arts building, we drove by the old frat house and went to dinner at one of the more popular restaurants in town. And per my obsession with taking pictures of my cocktails (or big girl drinks as Lisa and Kelly call them ;) is the large sangria they offered. It was a-freakin-mazing! And it was like 3 bucks! Seriously, I may move to this little town in the middle of nowhere just to get these babies.

The whole town celebrates homecoming, or as they call it, the Autumn Leaf Festival, or ALF. It's pretty much the biggest deal around. As evidenced by the lovely sheets hanging on all of the student houses in town. Klassy. Anyway, I found them hilarious and loved the fact that they didn't plan out how big the letters should be ahead of time. Thus, squeezing the word "bad" in. Nice job guys.

In between the eating and drinking, we wandered around the little carnival they had. Ok, nevermind, we never stopped eating and drinking. I just took this picture because I ate my powdered sugar covered elephant ear before I could whip out my camera.

and a gratuitous shot of my darlin husband just b/c he's cute

We rounded out our weekend by going to the parade, where my head got sunburnt and we watched men with fezzes on little go-carts. Jealous much?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

just a little something i whipped up


Omg, have you seen this blog? Am I the last to know? How come you didn’t tell me? You have to tell me these things!

Anyway, I saw these and had to have. or bake. So I did. I used strawberry cake mix and cream cheese icing. Didn’t have the right size cookie cutter so I had to shape them myself. Ate one. Brought the rest to work. How did I eat just one? No idea. That never happens. I took the pics at work too because I had to set them up in their little container. I guess I could’ve just put them in my coffee mug but people expect more from me! My work background looks pretty much like yours right? So blahhhh.. Anyway, you must make these. everyone's lovin them.

oh and remember my awesome new Halloween decoration? Here it is in all it’s glory. It’s a candy dish! Fun, eh? Thanks Midge!


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