Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cigarettes & Radishes

Well I guess that would be lack of cigarettes...6 weeks to be exact. I stopped taking the Chantix about a week ago...I wasn't thrilled with the side effects. I was having some wacky, slightly disturbing dreams and falling asleep at 9 every night. Then there was the 10 minutes of nausea that I felt right after taking it twice a day. Yeah no thanks. I'm sure I'll have enough of those "side effects" when I get preg some day. Otherwise, I'm doing fine without the meds. No slip-ups. Yay for me.

Speaking of getting preg, I'm totally getting baby fever. We're planning for next year, but that doesn't stop me from roaming the baby aisle at Target when J's not around. Baby swimsuits may be the cutest thing ever made. Oh and my top baby name that I've had for some time may have gotten replaced this weekend. But I ain't tellin...

and hanging out at my aunt's this past weekend gave me a good excuse to whip up some cupcakes. I went with the veggie garden...pretty sweet, eh?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water Ice & Saddle Shoes

I might have been a freak but I used to love going back to school. I still love this time of year even though I have no school to go back to. Sure, summer was cool. We had a water ice truck, called Maroni’s, that would come down the street every night and all of the kids would line up for water ice and soft pretzels. (They bred us as typical Philadelphians from a young age) What was cool was that the guy who owned the truck lived down the block from us, so if you waited…and oh yeah we waited…until his nightly trip was done, you could get the leftover pretzels.

Anyway, back-to-school came in September for us Catholic school kids. Yes, we had to ignore the back-to-school sales at Penney’s and Clover because new wardrobes were pointless. Our wardrobes came from Flynn and O’Hara, the uniform store. Possibly a new white blouse with Peter Pan collar or itchy blue sweater or a new pair of saddle shoes. Which are, it has been proven, the most god-awful ugliest shoes on earth.

We didn’t care though. What Catholic grade-school girls cared about (and still do) was stationary. All forms. Pencil cases, pens with pink or teal ink, fun erasers shaped like fruit, anything scratch-n-sniff…those sorts of things. We would stock up on those lead pencils where you keep replacing the little nub with fresh lead at Fluff-N-Stuff, then trade them once we got back to school. We bugged our moms for the expensive Jansen backpacks, which I didn’t get until at least 8th grade. There was nothing like a fresh notebook to fill up with your adorable little catholic-school penmanship (and yes, our handwriting kicks any public school kid’s handwriting ass any day!)

Then you got sent off to school where they would give you forms to fill out. Did you want to get a milk or fruit punch every day? How about a soft pretzel at recess? Man, don’t you wish your job had a fruit punch and pretzel service every day? They would also send you home with your textbooks which you had to wrap in brown paper bags. See, we were recycling before some huge marketing campaign told us to. They would have book fairs in the library where you could buy Babysitter’s Club books and Santa’s Workshop in the gym where yes, you could make your mom a “World’s Best Mom” button. And she acted like it was the best thing ever.

So as I sit here…at work, I realize that if I could have stopped growing at 7, I gladly would have.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh and we went here too.

Ocean City, NJ.

Our day in pictures...

and why the hell not?

these arrrrgggghhhh terrible

You may have wondered where I've been this past week. Well, I can tell you where I wasn't. I wasn't making impeccably decorated cupcakes. I was making these. My pal Adrienne & I were gmail-chatting when she asked if my famous cupcake book has any pirates. Her little cousin is obsessed and she wanted to make some for him. Well, no luck. And you'd think that a simple google search would produce some fine looking pirate cake muffins, but no. You'd be wrong.

There are like 2 pics out there and one of them sucks. So A & I decided to re-create both the good one and the sucky one. Unfortunately, both of ours turned out like the latter. However, we did make those skeletons out of white chocolate ourselves. No molds! We're geniuses! The pirates? Well, those are just a travesty. By the time we got around to decorating those, we got just plain lazy. Oh well, they were for a 4 year old. And it's not like it was for my family, so what did I care? Ha! I'm a terrible person.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Window Shopping & Jaws

ok so remember we went to New Hope last weekend? Well here are some fun little things we saw...

i totally want this guy...

oh and remember that sub-par restaurant we went to? At least it was adorable!


the little store that sold the above had a dark alley next to it and it was filled with parts of mannequins. it was so wierd. and a little scary. I'm sure that's what they were going for...

and the promised cupcakes! I made these and took them into work. Its cupcake Jaws...

Supplies: Twinkies, Fruit by the Foot, Mini Doughnuts, Swedish Fish, Gumdrops, Mini Chocolate Chips, Lots of icing, various food coloring


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