Sunday, January 20, 2008

another weekend over

it was only slightly productive. i was able to scrap a little Friday night. I've done another page with an old-ass pic from my childhood. It's called "The 80's Called". On the phone message slip, I listed all the things that the 80's wants back: the clothes, the furniture & the poloroid camera. I always have fun scrapping old pics and I love how this one turned out.

and a close-up of the fabric "flower" i attempted to make with some straight pins

Saturday morning, I went to Dinner A'Fare to make my 12 dinners with my brother Josh and my friend Meg. Took home lots of good food to make and ate one of the meals, Pulled BBQ Pork sammies, for lunch. John was thrilled we weren't eating PB & J's.

Saturday night my friends all went out for Katie's and Andy's birthdays. We went to National Mechanics (bar) in Old City, Philly. We had afreaking awesome time seeing everyone, drinking pitchers of Yuengling and dancing at the end of the night. Sarah and Todd were back from hawaii with shell necklaces for everyone which we HAD to wear. Adrienne even showed up before midnight, imagine that! Anyway, here are some pics of everyone dancing.

Monday, January 7, 2008

weekend update (not the SNL version)

well, Sarah and Todd's wedding went off without a hitch! at least from a guest's perspective. they can tell me if anything went wrong when they get back from freaking Hawaii! Lucky SOB's! I kept asking them if i could go with them and they said yeah but i guess that might've been a little wierd...anyway, sarah looked beautiful, todd looked like todd, the reception was a good time and the DJ was insane. Everyone liked the centerpieces i made and the only pic i took turned out really blurry, so if anyone has any good ones, i'd love to get a copy. so without furthur ado, the Kurpels!

and here's one of all my friends trying to look at 8 different cameras

Congrats guys!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

everything in its place

i started the new year by getting organized, in particular, getting my scraproom organized. i love when things can be put away and still look cute. i had all sorts of cute baskets and boxes but they were strewn around my little room so I went to AC Moore on NYE and used my 50% coupon and bought this white shelf. I'm thrilled with how it looks with all my black& white stuff!

I also came across this idea somewhere online but I don't remember where! Sorry original idea person! It's a way to store all my ribbon. Before I had it on spools, in plastic containers, on shelves, etc... So I took a clear makeup bag I got for 7 bucks at Target, cut X's all over with an Xacto knife and ran each spool through. It is freaking perfect. Plus its portable!


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